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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Heritage Square

When I heard that a former Disneyland imagineer helped to create a small amusement park and shopping village in Golden, CO AND that parts of it would be closing for good at the end of the season, I knew a weekend road trip was in need.
Beautiful view of the swan boats and Ferris wheel. 

Heritage Square was originally built as a Magic Mountain back in 1957-59, and designed as a storybook Victorian shopping village and theme park. Still today the park and village have free admission and you pay individually for the rides.

The park is probably most famous for its alpine slide, a very unique attraction indeed! Sadly, the slide will be closing in October. Brent and I walked up to the kiosk, bought our tickets, then hitched a ride in one of the ski lifts... That alone would be worth the price of admission for me! The views were incredible!

Once off the lift, you grab a sled, which has a lever to pull back for breaks so you can control your speed. There are 2 half mile tracks, one for more experienced riders and one for beginners. Brent was a daredevil and I was a scardycat :)

Here I am coming down to the end. It was really so much fun!!

And here we are in the shopping village. It really was quaint and I could certainly see the Disneyland influence. Did I mention there is a railroad?! We also got some ice cream from a darling little 50s themed diner. Um... Chocolate banana Oreo?!? It was the best.

When I saw these beautiful swan boats, I nearly lost it.... Classic!! We bought some tickets and spent a good amount of time just lazing around in our swan.

Ok... Look at this! There was one black swan in the bunch!!! Ahhh, I can't stand how fabulous it was. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to ride in her but it did allow me to snap some shots.

If you're in the Colorado area, definitely take a look at this hidden gem, we really enjoyed our visit!

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  1. What a wonderful way for you guys to spend the day! Even more special that a Disney Imagineer helped to build it. Glad you guys were able to ride the Alpine Slide -- they should never close this unique ride.