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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Elitch Gardens Anniversary

I thought that the third anniversary was the year of the roller coaster. Brent swears it's the year of the water park. Either way, we had it covered :) I took the day off work and we drove down to Elitch Gardens, an amusement park right in the city of Denver with an attached water park!
Classic Ferris Wheel


I have no idea what this part is really called but I refer to it as the Main Street area. it was cute!

Our first ride, isn't that a great sign?! The ride itself was alright but really jarring, ouch!

Brent really likes the roller coasters.

We got there early and the park wasn't too crowded but it was a hot day.

This ride was so fun! Ghost Blasters is a Haunted House but you get to shoot at the ghosts, I won!

Pretty cafe. This was actually a starbucks inside, sort of like how they are in the Disney Parks.

Pretty sign and lighting

After a few rough coasters, I had had enough of the jarring and painful rides so we split up for about an hour. I headed to the carousel, isn't it pretty?

The Disneyland carousel was also bought from the Philadelphia Toboggan Co!
I rode a few times but this was my favorite horse, isn't she lovely?

Another view of the "Main Street" area
Around 1 or so, we made our way to the water park and spent the rest of the day there. It was CROWDED! But we had a lot of fun, mostly just lazing around the lazy river. We found some lawn chairs in a nice area and enjoyed a margarita and beer in ridiculous/fabulous souvenir glasses.

For dinner, we made a stop at Adrift, the wonderful tiki bar in Denver. Oh we miss it!

Bourbon Special

It was really such a wonderful day, we had a blast! The water park was such fun that we decided to check out Water World with our friends that following weekend. Unfortunately, being a water park, i didn't get any photos. But IT WAS AMAZING. Voyage to the Center of the Earth has animatronic dinosaurs and wonderful foggy before time atmosphere.