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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sewing Review: Vogue V8811

Vogue V8811 is from the Vintage Vogue collection, an original 1940 design. It has 2 variations, this review is for version B.

Let's start off by saying that I'm really happy with how this turned out! It's just a great summer dress, appropriate for work but also fun for going out. My only complaint is that the neck opening is a little tight. Definitely put your makeup on before the dress :)
Construction: This was very beginner friendly! Everything came together so nicely and quick, I made this in about a day. The only semi-tricky part for me was putting that side zipper in for some reason. It doesn't go all the way to the top of the sleeve so that was a new technique for me.
The Fit: I LOVE the way this fits me! I made the smallest size and it was perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about that. I will say though, the smallest size claims to be a 29.5" bust with 22" waist and I'm really closer to 32" bust and 23-24" waist.
Cute little keyhole back... closed with hook and eye.
The Fabric: I found this fun floral fabric and it really reminded me of an early 40s, late 30s print so I thought it would pair nicely with this pattern. It's cotton, but a bit thicker than what I'm used to which actually works well as it holds those sleeves in place quite nicely.
Close up of side zip. It doesn't go all the way up to the top of the sleeve which made it a little difficult to insert for me.
Alterations: I kept the pattern as is but did put in one pocket on the side opposite the zipper.

Hehe. Ignore my annoyed face please!
Overall, I'm really happy with the pattern but, I just don't know if I'll make another one. It's just a bit difficult to put on and take off which is a big con for me. It fits so nice though and I've worn it several times already this summer!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Starlite Campground: Retro Campers!

Brent and I had an elusive ENTIRE weekend off together! This doesn't happen to us very often with our crazy schedules so we wanted to take full advantage. Trying to stay on a budget and close by, we stumbled across the Starlite Campground with their darling vintage campers.

We stayed in the Tacy, isn't she cute?
The Tacy is a New Moon trailer, the same model from the Lucy and Desi movie "The Long, Long Trailer".


Full kitchen

Lots of authentic cooking appliances everywhere

Incredible ice bucket!

Crosley Fridge
lounge area

Some of the great knick knacks on the shelf. That lamp! You can also see the movie poster for The Long, Long Trailer. They let us borrow a portable DVD player and the movie so we could watch while we stayed. It was pretty neat to see that everything was essentially set up the same way in the movie.

Here I am again! I made that dress a few weeks ago, the fabric is so nice and drapey... I can tell it will be a summer favorite of mine this year.

Brent! See honey, we went "camping"!

Bedroom... twin beds :)

Cute shadow boxes

Complete with domed ceiling light
The campsite is small but so much fun. One of the hardest parts was deciding which camper to rent! Each morning, I would wake up and make coffee, then enjoy the mountain view while I sipped. Then the pups and I would walk around and look at all of the campers.
Love their logo. This is a camper (don't know what to call it?) that sits on top of the car.

The TikiBago :)

TikiBago had a Tiki hut but we never saw anyone there all weekend.

I think this one is the Lucy. That astroturf is so perfect.

Ok, the Flamingo Lounge. HOW CUTE IS THIS?! Complete with scenic view and a fake yard with lawn flamingos... it doesn't have a bathroom but I may want to stay here next time. The campgrounds has a really nice clean restroom that's close to all the campers.

Another view of the Flamingo Lounge.
On Saturday, we drove to Canon City and visited a delicious winery but didn't take any photos. Later we boarded the dinner train which was so much fun! After enjoying our food and wine, we walked out to the open areas. The train goes through the Royal Gorge and provided incredible views.


View of the train.
After packing up on Sunday, we decided to actually visit Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

See those red gondolas? We went in them!

Gondolas going across the gorge
Our ride pulling up to the station.

Close up of the train

We walked around the park for a while, it was such a gorgeous day.

On our way back, we stopped at this neat little rock shop.
I loved how everything was displayed!
And now we are back... but it's always fun to relive your memories with some souvenirs! Starlite campground had a little gift shop, filled with some vintage finds mixed in with new items. I picked up one of their glasses, isn't that logo just great?! Also, I couldn't leave without my very own copy of the Long, Long Trailer. And when I saw that purple boomerang ashtray for only $7, I had to snatch it up!