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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sewing Review: Vogue V8875

My only resolution this year was to get back into sewing. I have dabbled in it over the years but never really took the time to learn proper techniques or how to use commercial patterns. After a few weeks of researching, I invested in the Babylock Amelia machine, perfect for my beginner needs.

This pattern was probably my fourth or fifth garment of the year but I thought it was a good place to start since, this one actually turned out terribly! Well, I'm somewhat happy with the final product but... oy!

Vogue V8875 has two patterns, a pencil dress with a scoop neck and sleeves, and a gorgeous tied overcoat. This review is just for the dress.

Finished, finally!

As you can see, I was happy enough with the finished result that I wore it out to a lovely outing at the zoo. I went with a really soft plaid fabric, which I love! The dress is extremely comfortable and the fabric makes it a great transitional piece. But sadly, I will probably never make this dress again...

Construction: The problem started right away for me... a very confusing and challenging slash and cut technique to make the look of those front AND back darts. Now, let's not blame the pattern here... I'm taking full responsibility for just not really knowing the technique. After at least 3 tries on EACH part, it finally looked acceptable (not perfect by any means).

Other than that, the rest of the construction was fine and took about 1.5 days. I didn't have enough fabric so the plaids don't match up everywhere.

sidenote: this picture was taken in the Elephant Passageway which is so beautiful.. it reminds me of Animal Kindgom:)

The Fit: GI-GANTIC. I made the smallest size which, according to the measurements on the envelope, would almost fit, with some ease. I've made other Vogue patterns in the same size that were close to fitting so this was a bit surprising. Oh and when I say "big", we're talking probably 3 inches on each side and a skirt that almost touched the ground! After taking out both side seams and hacking off excess fabric, the dress came closer to fitting. It's certainly not perfect and oh my... let's not even talk about how the inside looks now! But, the fabric is just so lovely... I've worn it several times and will continue to use it as a comfy casual dress throughout the summer. I've since bought more of this fabric and hope to find another pattern for it soon.

Alterations: Other than my sizing issue, the only change I made to the pattern was making a back zip instead of a side zip.

The zoo was a blast! Here is the warm and fabulous tropical room with some colorful parrots. We ended the day with dinner at the Tiki Bar.

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