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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Florida Trip Day 4: EPCOT

We had an early morning, catching the bus for EPCOT, here we are both checking the weather

We made it!

Hard to tell in the photo but... we essentially rope-dropped The Land. What? I love that ride!
We rode just about everything in Future World (Spaceship Earth, Ellen, Figment, Test Track, and the Land... I don't do Mission Space anymore...), then made our way to World Showcase.

Mexico Pavlion!

Admiring the fountain.

Holiday decorations were still up!
Tequila flight with nachos, guac, and salsas at La Cava del Tequila
Norway! So sad without Maelstrom but still beautiful
Some lunch in Japan.

Beer (from German), in France.

Kir Royale
We spent the day wondering around, sipping cocktails and nibbling on snacks. The sun was shining which made for a gorgeous day.
I got a skool bread and Hubby tried the lefsa. Delish.

Pretty clocks

 Then we met our good friends, Corinne and Dan in England. They were staying in an incredible room on the Boardwalk, check out that view!

Then a monorail bar crawl:

Lapu Lapu and something glowy at the Polynesian.

Lapu Lapu!


mmm cocktails.
We also had a drink at Meisner's Lounge in the Grand Floridian, then called it a night

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  1. I love that Brent wore his NASA shirt on EPCOT day. Because, you know, space. Obviously.