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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Florida trip day 3: Port Orleans and the Polynesian

On day 3 we enjoyed the morning at our B&B then drove to Orlando
On the porch

Port Orleans French Quarter!

Another one of Hubby's famous "Oh there's Lindsay... taking photos again" looks

Mom and Dad at the Scat Cat's Lounge


In front of the fountain in the lobby
Then we traveled over to the Polynesian, where we ate dinner at the Kona Cafe. The renovations in the lobby had just finished.. literally days before our visit.

New lights on the ceiling

erm... new fountain. Granted, my photo isn't helping the situation but... I really miss the extravagant old fountain.

Parents. Note the fun orange couches in the background

Hubby and me.

Close up! I love his shirt.

Moana Mercantile! My mother's favorite of course (her name is Moana)

Our buzzer was going off - time to eat!
We went back to the resort and Hubby and I took a walk to Riverside. This shot was taken in their store, aren't Huey, Dewie, and Louie adorable in their calypso hats?! Then off to bed early - EPCOT in the morning!

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