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Monday, February 2, 2015

Florida Trip Day 1: Wilderness Lodge and Downtown Disney

Are you ready to go on a flashback through my Florida trip? I am. It was such a wonderful break from the cold weather here in Colorado. We had a very early 7am flight which put us in Orlando around noon. However, our plan was to share a rental care with my parents, then drive to Keystone Heights for the first 2 days. Since their flight didn't arrive until around 7, how do you think I wanted to kill 7 hours in Orlando???
 Hubby had never seen the Wilderness Lodge so we headed there first.
Somehow we ended up with a Mustang rental... Hubby took a moment to admire the engine.

in front of the water fall
Our quick lunch in the sunshine. I LOVED the quinoa salad.

view of the pool and the lodge

 Then we drove to Downtown Disney...
There were still some xmas decorations up!

This happens about every 10 minutes at Disney. Hubby and I are walking along together... then I get distracted by something shiny and stop to take pictures. Then Hubby realizes, turns around, and comes back to get me. Here he is doing just that.

There is a new 50's themed bowling alley. It's pretty darn cute.

I appreciated their themed railings.

Bongo's Cuban Cafe! Oh Gloria Estefan, how did you ever come up with this glorious restaurant? I am in love with the architecture.

More Bongo's goodness.

The bar at the T-Rex cafe.

We found a cozy spot outside of Bongo's where we sipped on drinks until we drove back to the airport.

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