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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas time in tiki-town

The holidays are here in full swing! I have already shared the decorations in our living room, but we also put up a few things in the tiki room. And yes, I do not believe I have shown pictures yet, but we do in fact have an entire room related to all things tiki. Ok... we also store a bunch of odds and ends in the closet and behind the couch... but other than that... tiki :)
Tiki bar with holiday lights and red beaded garland.
I realize that a proper tiki bar should be all dimly lit to set the mood... but here are some photos in the daylight so you can see details:

I do wish we could paint the walls... a deep green would be wonderful.
I found this midcentury modern table and bamboo/wicker chairs for a really good price at a local thrift shop.The second shot is a better view of the table... though we had just moved in and there wasn't much else around for decor!

Fun little things: Three Dots and a Dash coaster, Kukui nut lei from my time in Hawaii, a little handkerchief that was a gift, an incredible Disneyland print, and bamboo cups... part of a set with ice bucket (you'll see it soon).
There's the matching ice bucket! Along with a fabulous bomb-shaped flask, shells, hula girl, and a close up of the garlands.
A few Tiki Mugs: you can see Adrift and Trader Sam's near the front. And, way too many swizzle sticks, mostly from Trader Sam's in Disneyland.

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  1. Very festive & so enjoy Trader Sam's and other Disneyland Tiki decor!