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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas time in tiki-town

The holidays are here in full swing! I have already shared the decorations in our living room, but we also put up a few things in the tiki room. And yes, I do not believe I have shown pictures yet, but we do in fact have an entire room related to all things tiki. Ok... we also store a bunch of odds and ends in the closet and behind the couch... but other than that... tiki :)
Tiki bar with holiday lights and red beaded garland.
I realize that a proper tiki bar should be all dimly lit to set the mood... but here are some photos in the daylight so you can see details:

I do wish we could paint the walls... a deep green would be wonderful.
I found this midcentury modern table and bamboo/wicker chairs for a really good price at a local thrift shop.The second shot is a better view of the table... though we had just moved in and there wasn't much else around for decor!

Fun little things: Three Dots and a Dash coaster, Kukui nut lei from my time in Hawaii, a little handkerchief that was a gift, an incredible Disneyland print, and bamboo cups... part of a set with ice bucket (you'll see it soon).
There's the matching ice bucket! Along with a fabulous bomb-shaped flask, shells, hula girl, and a close up of the garlands.
A few Tiki Mugs: you can see Adrift and Trader Sam's near the front. And, way too many swizzle sticks, mostly from Trader Sam's in Disneyland.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Christmas Time in the City

The holidays are in full swing at our place... and not a moment too soon!


Naked tree

Beautiful vintage bulbs. I love the pink and blue ones!

A box of my ornaments, so many good memories...

Christmas Poodle

Pretty hula girl. She was a gift last year, I was so excited to hang her on the tree... and then promptly dropped her on our hard-wood floor, where she shattered into a hundred little pieces. Sigh. At least I got a picture!

My very first ornament!

I bought this at the CVS across the street during my first Christmas with Hubby (though he wasn't hubby yet back then!).

I made some gingerbread cake. Delish with some brandy.

just a few more ornaments...
Holiday cheer on the buffet.

I found these two amazingly adorable holiday cards last year.

The whole cabinet.

Christmas movies on the couch :)


I LOVE my new black velvet robe, it's to luxurious and warm! Perfect for lounging around the house during the holidays.
With lights! This is my view of the holiday decor when I sip on my coffee in the morning.

Little Pierre's new favorite spot :)

Gingerbread cookies... these made the place smell SO GOOD. Hubby said "it's like Disneyland in here!" Couldn't agree more :)

One of our favorite cozy spots is Longs Peak Pub & Brewery, just a short walk away on Main street. It's so cozy inside and their beers are just incredible. On this visit, we discovered their Belgian-style Christmas Ale and oh my is it to die for!

The day that we decorated was actually sunny and beautiful so we took advantage with a nice long walk with a view of the mountains. The poodles were happy to come along.

I've been wearing all of my favorite warm and cozy hand-knit sweaters this season and am still knitting away... more on that to come.
And finally, if you don't remember A Disney Christmas Gift, a collection of old holiday cartoons, I would highly suggest watching. I make it a priority to watch this on youtube every year. Here is the magical intro (recorded from a VHS no less... just the old days!