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Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween at Disneyland

It's October! That means we can all indulge in everything Halloween/Fall/Pumpkin :) Here are some photos from my most recent trip to Disneyland... the park has adorable autumn decor!

Can't beat this view as  you're waiting for the rope to drop!

Entrance to the park.

Close-up of pumpkin Minnie :)
Just past the entrance
train station

Main Street is decked out with loads of different pumpkins as well.

view down Mainstreet, heading towards the castle.

There is a new(ish?) Dia de los Muertos area set up near Rancho del Zocalo:

And of course... the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay.

I rode this for the first time by myself, and at night. Although the line was really quite long, I didn't mind at all. The atmosphere was perfect! Fantastmic was going on nearby and you could watch/hear while in the queue. Also, the background music was spooky and wonderful.

Loading area. I'm still just so impressed with this overlay.

Mansion during the day.

Here is the giant pumpkin Mickey that was crowded with people taking photos all day. He's pretty fabulous :)
Another pic of the partners statue, adorned with pumpkins

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  1. Halloween at Disneyland was so amazing and the photos you took capture it so well! It was magical!!!