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Friday, October 10, 2014

Disneyland Hotel

I was lucky enough to stay at the Disneyland hotel, not once... but twice this summer! It is just so magical... allow me to take you on a little tour:
View from our hotel room in the Fantasy tower. To orient you, that is the Frontier Tower straight ahead, Tangaroa Terrace/Trader Sam's to the left, and the convention center area to the right.

The Disneyland Hotel is located right at the end of Downtown Disney. To get to either of the two parks, you can head through Downtown Disney or take the Monorail right outside the hotel... this will drop you off in Tomorrowland (inside Disneyland Park).
I enjoyed a delicious yogurt parfait from Tangaroa Terrace here... it's a nice quiet spot by the pool with a view of the waterslide. Every trip... I always wish that I had spent more time lounging by the pool!

The hotel has three different towers for guests to stay:

Fantasy Tower
As you enter the Fantasy Tower, you are greeted by this giant mural of Disneyland park. At night, you can see that some of the areas have moving projections such as water flowing at the jungle cruise.
The check in area is located in the Fantasy tower, as well as both hotel shops. This picture was taken at night, but it's usually very bright near the check in area here. I just love the teacup chairs :)

On the other side of the Fantasy tower, there are topiaries of Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto.

I just love them!

Frontier Tower

The lobby of the Frontier tower has a scale model of Thunder Mountain Railroad
Zoomed out photo of the model
As you can see... the themeing is spot on! Do you see the hidden Mickey that was arranged?
There is a really beautiful fountain/garden area near the entrance.

Ok.... I need this wall paper! You can find it in the Frontier tower bathrooms downstairs.

Adventure Tower
Adventure Tower is the one tower that I have not stayed in, though I have seen inside the lobby. The themeing is fun but not quite as extensive as the other two towers, in my opinion. However the most wonderful part about the Adventure area is, of course, Trader Sam's. I would like to do a whole post on this amazing bar one day. It's located right outside the entrance of the Adventure tower.

Outside seating area of Trader Sam's. You can also get delicious quick service food from Tangaroa Terrace, located around the corner in the same building.

More outdoor seating for Trader Sam's/Tangaroa Terrace

More amazing wall paper! You can see this in the downstairs bathrooms of the Adventure Tower. And no, unfortunately the Fantasy tower bathroom wallpaper is not of the same caliber.

Steakhouse 55 is a beautiful and classy restaurant located near the convention area, next to the Fantasy tower. I joined my parents there for breakfast. The coffee was delish and I tried some of the food as well. This place seems ideal for the steak lover! There is also a lounge located near the front of the restaurant.

My parents! The walls are decorated with old pics of dining celebrities.

Convention Center: I took some time to walk upstairs and look around the convention area, it is just filled with incredible concept art from around the parks!

Space Mountain


More castle art.

The Enchanted Tiki Room. I'll take two please.

Fun umbrella lights hang from the ceiling

"Monorail Bar, late 1960s". YES! Why doesn't this exist anymore?!
Room Interior: the rooms are just filled with adorable little details that really make staying there a special occasion.
Mickey hands hold up your light

Sink faucet

Naturally, the pillow on the bed to the left reads "A dream is a wish your heart makes"

Sorry for the glare but I love that they put up old pics of Walt in the park.


The headboard is embossed with the castle....
.... and when you push a button, the fire work lights come on as you hear "A dream is a wish your heart makes".
Hidden Mickey in the fireworks :)
 Getting Married? There is a beautiful wedding pavilion located sort of behind and between the Adventure and Frontier towers:

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  1. Oh...what memories of the Disneyland Hotel, Trader Sam's, & all things Disney like! Especially like the photos of the room with the fireworks on the wall. This was so much fun!