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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Palm Springs: Last 2 days

On our last full day, we got up early for a small hike up a very nearby mountain.  Pretty view!

After the hike, we borrowed these fun cruisers from the In and rode around for a while. It was so much fun that I was actually inspired to buy myself a bike when I returned.

Love those palms.
We discovered the hotel Calients Tropics. I had heard a lot about it and wanted to explore...

Oooh those cabanas!


An example of the rooms

I talked with some of the staff who told me that they are going through a major renovation. From what I can tell, this place is going to be incredible when it's finished!

What? This is amazing.

Love this idea.

Ughhh I can't wait to have a drink here!

Back on the street... I came across my star!

Another Orbitini please :)
We had a delicious meal at Copley's for our last night. Copley's was once Gary Grant's estate.

Everything about this meal was just perfection - the food, the atmosphere, and especially the FABULOUS lady that had to be in her 70s wearing the most amazing pink silk outfit ever. She is my hero. You can kind of see her to the right.
The next morning, I took a few more shots around the In...

View from our room

Hot tub area.

Hot tub area... and tiki!

View of the mountains

Close up from the above pic... you can see Frey House II

On our way back to the airport, Brent pulled into a gas station and what do we see? Oh the CABAZON DINOSAURS from PeeWee's Big Adventure. That was the best. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to go inside but it was so fun to see them.

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