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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Palm Springs Day 1

We set off the next morning for Palm Springs, a first for us both! We checked into our room at the Orbit Inn, it could not have been more adorable.


Our very own Tiki.

A large selection of records were available in the lobby for your listening pleasure. Harry Belafonte was the soundtrack for our Palm Springs leg of the trip.

Our view of the pool and bar.

Enjoying a tiki drink in our private rear patio. Note the mug from Trader Sam's!

View from the rear patio.

Brent looking more concerned than he should be.

We had to try the new Tonga Hut that had just recently opened. How great is this sign outside?!

Brent looking much more relaxed.

Cocktails always bring a big ol' smile to my face.

Beautiful entrance area.

Fabulous 3-D map on the wall. It was too large for me to capture the whole thing.

Thursday nights are street market nights apparently. We watched from the balcony.

Brent reading something tiki related.

It really did have great atmosphere.

Looking longingly at palm trees.

For dinner, we ate at Tropicale. This place was ah-maze-ing! Mid-century heaven and incredible food too!

We chose to eat outside as the weather was just too good to pass up.

But the inside was SO FABULOUS TOO!!

Back to the hotel for a late night swim.

Colored lights on our private deck.

View from our room.

Another view of the deck.

At this point, I was getting jealous of all the photos Brent was taking of the scenery... so I jumped in the way of his camera.

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  1. This whole area looks INCREDIBLE and so totally you!