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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Disney's California Adventure Park

California Adventure Park!! Paradise Pier area.
We spent our second day at DCA and were there in time for rope drop. Here we are in front of the entrance. That girl behind us also looks really excited :)

Like pretty much everyone else, we waited by the entrance closest to Radiator Springs Racers fastpass. There was a really gorgeous and entrancing fountain that kept me occupied until the rope dropped.

We made our way over to Toy Story Mania. Always a fun time.
Surprisingly, I fell in LOVE with Bug's Land! Yes I know, it's mainly for kids but the themeing was so impressive. Very creative, completely emmersive, and adorable. In particular, I was fond of the lamps, check these out!

Teehee... it's a little lightning bug!
And this one is on a straw. Genius.
Cupcake from Heimlick's Chew Chew Train. Adorable.

How fabulous is this?! Bench made out of planks that look like used popsicle sticks!
We made our way over to Cars Land for Radiator Springs Racers. I had to stop at Flo's V8 Cafe on the way. It's so stinkin' cute I can't even stand it.
A fun (fake) gas pump. This land is really nicely themed as well.

A shot of Radiator Springs Racers... I managed to get a picture as two cars came by.
I didn't take many pics of Radiator Springs Racers ride or queue but let me tell you, it's worth the hype. Part dark ride, part thrill ride (Test Track-esque). And really breathtaking. Just a great ride for everyone.

After Racers, we went on Tower of Terror. Spoiler alert... the Disneyland version is missing the entire sequence where you move horizontally through the hotel. The one fun thing about lacking this entire scene is that I was COMPLETELY surprised when we started dropping. I was all calm thinking "oh we have another minute or so before we-AHHHHHHHHH".
Love this window from the Hotel.

Gorgeous cobwebs in the ceiling.

Newsies sighting on Buena Vista street!

View from the Cove Bar.

Lunch break at the Cove Bar. I had a Skinny Coconut Mojito and we split the lobster nachos.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, be sure to check it out :)
Mickey's Fun Wheel!
Mickey's Fun Wheel... in vintage tones.

View from the top of Mickey's Fun wheel. You can see all of the Disneyland mountains up there!

Fun Hawaiian decorations in a window.

Beautiful candy machine in a store on Buena Vista street.

These mannequins were dressed so nicely! (upper level of shop)

We spent some time in the Animation building and I fell in love with this zoetrope. Seriously mesmerizing and genius. Want to see it in action? Check out a video here.

Luigi's Tires! This was actually really fun.
Cars Land is just incredible at night with the neon lights. Another shot of Flo's. We never had the change to eat here but I know that my mother will want to try it on our upcoming trip (more on that exciting news later!).

Brent taking a breather.

Carthay Circle restaurant. This was our one "fancy" meal at the parks.
The bar has an excellent selection of cocktails. We were partial to the Scotch Mist (Walt's favorite). Also, if you aren't up for a full dinner at the restaurant, you can do drinks and limited menu in the bar area.
Our meal was INCREDIBLE!! I'm drinking the Fess Parker Chardonnay in this pic... a special wine for us. We got engaged right after our first trip to Disneyland and spent the day touring wineries, Fess Parker's was by far our favorite.
View of Wonder World of Color. Not my favorite show... left part way through. 

Another view of Cars land at night, taken as we were walking out of the park.

Fun shot of Oswald's with a smashing car.
We stayed until the park closed and were pretty darn exhausted that evening. I literally walked into our hotel room, plopped on the bed, heard Brent say something like "Oh, it's only 9:30, we still have time to go to the pool or....", then I woke up the next morning. Next up is our last day at the parks.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Disneyland Day 1

This was our first day in the parks. We made it to Disneyland for rope drop and decided to wait in Tomorrowland. As soon as the park opened, we went straight for a Space Mountain fastpass then moved on to Fantasyland...
Waiting for the park to open.

I was excited :)

The crowds really weren't too bad this day, there weren't very many people waiting for rope drop in Tomorrowland.

Nice shot of the area where we waited.

After getting our SM fastpass we rode the Matterhorn... bumpy yet fun!

Next up was Mr. Toad, the lines were still short in Fanstasyland.

Then Peter Pan. By the time we got off, the lines were starting to get longer.

Club 33.... someday!

Waiting in line for Splash Mountain. Ok... so I got SOAKED every darn time that I rode this! It was actually our first time on the Disneyland version because Splash was getting refurbished during our last visit. You definitely do not get very wet on the Disney World version which I definitely prefer. We still rode several more times, it's one of Brent's favorites.

We rode on Winnie the Pooh after.... always a cute ride. I loved the honeybee heffalumps on the back!
 At this point, we met up with my dear friend Corinne, and her Fiance Dan (a fellow Disney fanatic). We got fastpasses for the newly updated Thunder Mountain Railroad then took some time to visit the darling animals at the petting zoo nearby.

Enchanted Tiki Room waiting area.

Corinne and Dan!

Treats at the Jolly Holiday Bakery... I had a scrumptious Matterhorn Macaroon.

In Toon Town


Very neat diorama of the Country Bears

Corinne and Dan before they departed for the evening. Brent and I stuck around until the park closed.

Amazing lanters.

Castle at night.

View of Main Street at night. I promise the night time photos get a little better... Brent staring taking pics with his fancy new phone/camera over the next few days.

Of course, we stopped back at Trader Sam's. This time, we ordered the famous Uh-Oa! Get it, you'll be happy with what happens AND how it tastes!

We stopped into the Adventureland tower at Disneyland Hotel and I fell in love with this wallpaper from the bathroom. Can I please cover my entire house with this?!
Next up for tomorrow is the California Adventure Park :)