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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We Need a Little Christmas

After being in Denver for over six months, I am starting to feel settled into our little apartment. It's technically a duplex and we have wonderful neighbors. The house was built mid-1940s and has been very well kept. Here are some photos of our place with a bit of holiday cheer added in:

Living Room:
Reproduction boomerang table
The Tiki Bar has been decked for the holidays!
The palm tree makes me so happy.

A fabulous buffet that we picked up at one of the many midcentury modern furniture stores here.

Note the adorable poodle figurine! The nutcracker and bowl set are a recent purchase from a vintage store in Denver.

Corner nook filled with goodies

Another shot of the boomerang table and trusty leopard print futon. Apparently, this thing will be in my possession for all times.

The pups enjoying the living room.
Close-up of the curtains in this room... a fun atomic print.
Christmas Tree!!

Dining Room:
Another fabulous find from the same furniture store as the buffet. This is actually a three-section piece, all are stacked together here.

Close up of the top - all items are wedding related. That gorgeous juicer was a wedding gift (thanks Stacey!), the hat box was part of the centerpiece at my table during the wedding, and the cow creamer was a shower gift.

Collection of some of my favorite dishes: vintage Jadeite, pink crystal candy dish from my grandmother, and vintage atomic  dessert set.

Formica table circa 1950s, and repro diner chairs.

Ticket to Ride: European addition has been our game of choice - give it a try! Note the holiday colors :)
C.B. has fallen asleep despite all of the game excitement.
Signed original sheet music from my fabulous in-laws.
This is such a fun little detail - it's a nook for the phone! Since we don't have an actual phone, I put out my beautiful pink and gold boomerang candy dish and some peppermint salt and pepper shakers.

A bit of holiday fun.
I love the brightness of this room, the photo doesn't do it justice but it's very cheery.
Gas stove and a curious C. B.
I just love the original black and white tiling in this room! The tropical curtain and pink and green towels from our last place seem to fit in just fine.
A shot of the sink and pretty detailing on the mirror of the medicine cabinet.
Spare Room: This is generally left pretty barren as we like to use it for a guest bedroom. Here are a few of my favorite details:
I keep most of my crafty things in here. I really love the glass circle cutout in this dresser.
Close up: some vintage knitting/crochet magazines along with a box full of paints and other knick knacks.

Close-up of the curtains in this room. Orange atomic starbursts on a purple/greyish background. I used a bit of leftover fabric from these to make mini-curtains for our dining room.

A very old dresser - I believe it was my grandmothers! A vintage singer, a hatbox used at our wedding as the card box, and a Disneyland souvenir book from the early 60s.