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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Trip Across the Country

Well, we made it to Denver late on Tuesday night... we are still in the chaos of unpacking right now but things are starting to come together.  Here are a few shots from the two day trip:

Dr. Hubby at the wheel of the Uhaul.

Strikingly similar photo of my mother-in-law at the wheel of a Uhaul during their trek out to Oregon before my husband was born.

The sleepy pups.. they were very good boys for the whole trip!

I had three projects going during the 18 hour trip but the lace shawl is still my favorite. It's coming along nicely, I have finished the first large section.

Kansas skies

This is what we were driving... it was huge!

Dr. Hubby at a rest stop


We made it to Colorado!

We took some time to run around and play with the doggies before getting back into the Uhaul
Is this the sweetest thing you've ever seen or what?!  My very dear friend and schoolmate from Hawaii, Garrett, came over on Wednesday morning to help up unload the Uhual.  He brought his ADORABLE pomapoo over who played with our doggies. 

Also... check out this amazing formica table and chair set!  Brent's fabulous cousin passed it along to us :)



  1. Wow! You did it -- a road trip from Cincy to Denver!!!

    Enjoyed all the pics!

    Really like your Formica table and bet it looks great in your new home.

    So excited to see you in Denver!

  2. Just now getting a look at your Denver trip blog. That photo of Brent's mom IS amazingly similar!!! How neat is that?!

    So good to see the trip photos, the truck/trailer, etc. Do you look that gorgeous even on a cross-country trip? Yes.



  3. FUN! You are an excellent road trip companion - Brent is very lucky. I bet that truck is only slightly more full than the jeep was on our way to The World.

    I love your new table and can't wait to see all the great finds you get to fill your new home!