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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vacation: EPCOT

On the day I toured EPCOT, my sister and her boyfriend had to take off and my parents wanted to take it easy. I, however, got to the park for the rope drop. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling too great... I was hoping it would wear off as the day went on...

My main goal was to ride the newly refurbished Test Track... however it was broken down right away.  What to do when you feel terrible but don't want to leave the park?  Ellen's Energy Adventure! Clocking in at a whopping 45 minutes, this slow moving ride was exactly what I needed.

The dinosaurs remind of me of what I have seen of the Magic Skyway, one of Walt's creations in the 1964 World's Fair

Still feeling under the weather, I took the early morning hours to just lazily stroll around World Showcase.... get this.... COUNTERCLOCKWISE!  I can't believe how strange it was to start my journey in Canada instead of Mexico.

I was one of the first people to ride Maelstrom... I lagged behind in the little Norwegian fishing village where you disembark.  Eventually a cast member asked me to move along, haha!

By this time, I was starting to get a little hungry.  Skool bread and coffee from Kringla bakery in Norway.
Here is my view from the bench where I enjoyed my mid-morning snack.

Mariachi band near Mexico
Eventually my parents made it to the park and we met up for lunch in the Mexico pavilion, arguably my favorite!

It was so magical to see Christmas decorations around the pavilion!

View of the Mayan pyramid from the Grande Fiesta Tour boat ride.

More Christmas decor
Well... after lunch I really felt terrible.... I really, REALLY didn't want to leave.  It was drizzling and slightly cold which also didn't help.  I stumbled around with my parents for a few hours, sipping a yummy tea from Japan.....  I snapped a few random photos.

The Christmas store in Germany... always a favorite of mine.

The tree was so lovely, it had swans and feathers everywhere.

Scene from a shop in Germany

Cockoo, cockoo!
Ok, so I finally dropped my parents off at the new wine cellar in Italy and knew that I had to make an executive decision.  I still had two and a half more days of park hopping and I was NOT going to miss all of it.  Additionally, Hubby was driving to Orlanda from Tampa (after an interview) and didn't have a ticket for the day. After much internal struggle, I said goodbye to my parents and made my way back to the hotel.  I took my time on the walk out... stopping whenever I could to soak in the atmosphere but I really felt as if I might fall over or be sick at any moment.

After a painfully long trip back to the hotel, I plopped onto the bed and napped until I heard a knock on the door... HUBBY!!!  I still felt awful but it was so incredible to have him there with me.  My parents had reservations at The Rose and Crown for dinner.... it was hard to pass up but Hubby didn't have a ticket and I wouldn't be able to eat anything. 

I took Hubby to the River Roost Lounge at our resort and he asked me... "Where should we eat dinner, we can do anywhere you want".  UGHHHH.... anywhere on Disney property (non-park) and I had absolutely no appetite... even the thought of food made me feel sick.  What torture!  I refused to waste the evening so I suggested the Boardwalk.....
I was slightly delirious during our Boardwalk venture but we had a little bite to eat and shopped around a bit. 

Finally we made our way home and I went to bed.... the next day we had plans to visit Magic Kingdom so I wanted to be well rested :) 

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  1. Nice recap of the day even though you did not feel well on this part of the trip.

    We were so glad that you could join us for a little while at one of our favorite spots the Mexican Pavilion at Epcot!

    Of course...we missed you that afternoon, but we did manage to enjoy the rest of the day -- especially our dinner at the Rose & Crown! Their shepard's pie is the best I have ever eaten.