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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lace Crazy

For the past several weeks I have been obsessing about knitting lace… I can’t get it off my mind!  Usually, I seek out a pattern to knit out of necessity.  I search them out based on what I need to do, generally because I am always knitting presents for others.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy doing this but currently my mind and hands are aching for a project that is more about the process than the finished project.  In other words, FUN knitting! 
What sounds wonderful to me right now is a large, one piece project that will keep me occupied during all of my upcoming trips.  So what makes good “travel knitting”?  Here is what I’ve discovered throughout my years of constantly having needles in my hands during every expedition:
  • The less ‘fuss’, the better: it’s a bit annoying to constantly be pulling out my ruler or comparing sweater pieces when you are in a small space.  This also goes for color work… I don’t feel like dealing with several balls of yarn and the unavoidable tangles that always seem to take place for me.
  • Not too complicated but must keep me interested: I don’t want to be pulling my hair out in frustration or fumbling over dropped stitches during my travels.  However, I also want to be somewhat entertained by what I’m doing as to not lose interest. 
  • Yarnage: if you’re like me, you always over-pack.  The less yarn and supplies that I need to bring along, the better!
Ok so…. the winner is…. A large lacey shawl!  Think about it, the shawl will be only one piece, the lace weight yarn means I that I won’t need very much.  A fairly interesting pattern means that I should stick to one solid color.  An added bonus is that the gauge doesn’t matter too much so I can just knit and knit without obsessing over the measurements.  I can already imagine how comforting it will be to pull out this project during any free moment and start working away. 
So now to picking the perfect project.  Of course I found about 20,000 shawls from Ravelry… sigh.  I’ve managed to narrowed it down to these two:

The Silver Bells and Cockle Shells Shawl is, quite frankly, the most gorgeous shawl I have ever seen.  I love the soft, scalloped edges, and the beautiful drape. The knitting looks right up my alley.  I think those repeats could really let me get into the zone and whirl along. That incredible edging is crochet and I am excited to delve into a project that combines both knitting and crochet.... double the fun! 

For yarn, I found a gloss lace that is 70% merino and 30% silk.  The sheen of the silk will really show off this decadent pattern.  Generally I am a neutral color kind of gal… always leaning towards white, cream, light gray, and tan for these types of projects.  The photo from the pattern really surprised me with how lovely the dark yarn shows off the stitches, I chose this dramatic Port color.  The shade is really a bit darker than what it looks in the photo.

The Shetland Shell Scarf: Can you tell I have a thing for shells?!  This pattern would look lovely if you doubled, or even tripled the width and turned it into a large rectangular shawl.  The pattern would be pretty easy to memorize after a few repeats which would lend itself to perfect travel knitting.  Another added bonus, it's knitted on both sides which means there is no "back side" 

For this beauty, I bought two skeins of Shimmer Hand Dyed Lace Yarn (70% baby alpaca, 30% silk) in Polar.  The color was supposed to envelope all of those mystical arctic colors of the snow and ice... they actually remind me of the inside of a seashell with it's powder pinks, pale blues, and silvery whites.
So in all honesty, the shell scarf would probably be a nice “warm-up” to the Cockle Shells Shawl but… can I really resist that scallop-filled lacey temptation?!  Maybe the Cockle Shell shawl can be my ongoing U.F.O. (unfinished object).  Unlike most knitters, I generally start and finish all of my projects rather quickly with no more than two or maybe three (usually in December haha!) going at a time.  It would be nice to have a larger challenge there for me to go back to and work on when I felt the urge.  

In my lace-craze, I also picked up a 2 single skeins of these yarns:

Shimmer Hand Dyed Lace in Spice (70% baby alpaca, 30% silk): I can just imagine an autumn scarf in these rich shades of rusty browns, cinnamon tones, and caramel.

The Iris Heather Alpaca Cloud (100% baby alpaca) was a bargain at $3.83!  To me it looks like a soft lilac color with grey undertones and some deeper purples.  I really have no idea what this will become but isn't it dreamy?!  Alpaca fibers have a hollow core which insulates, making it amazingly cozy despite it's light lace weight.  

All of the yarns are from KnitPicks

What are your summer knitting plans?



  1. So much nice! Like the sound of "The Silver Bells and Cockle Shells Shawl" & so beautiful!

    Think you are really enjoying your knitting!

  2. Beautiful shawl. You do such a nice job with your knitting. Everything you knit is so well done! .