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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Koko Brown Ale

To my incredible delight, take a look at what I saw in Kroger on this snowy afternoon:
That's right, apparently the Kona Brewing company is now supplying Ohio!  You may remember me raving about this beer after enjoying one at the Polynesian resort during my honeymoon.  I so loved this beer that I asked a local distributor where I could find them.  To my dismay, he told me that Kona Brewing Company did not distribute to Ohio... but that they were in the process of working something out!  To be honest, I didn't think it would really happen.  A few months later and, VOILA, it's just sitting there, for the taking, in a grocery! 
Here is the description from the bottle: "Koko Brown's distinctive nutty aroma and flavor comes from real toasted coconut blended into each brew.  One sip of this roasty, smooth mahogany colored ale and you will feel like you are on a warm, sun-drenched beach in Hawaii.  Aloha!"

Brown ales are my preference, nut brown ales are my favorite... and now Kona Brewing adds coco to my nut?!  Yes please.  I daresay that this is my absolute #1 beer of all time.  Yes, I said it!!  Now... does the beer taste just as good as it did when I was sitting at the Polynesian on my honeymoon?  Well, a lot is to be said for ambiance, however it is still quite delicious and I am so very excited to have this beer at my fingertips.  Not only is the flavor just amazing, but it also transports me to my honeymoon and reminds me of my time in Hawaii.  

Ahem.. and as far as being "on a warm, sun-drenched island in Hawaii"... I do enjoy the tropical coconut aftertaste but I was wearing this (under two OTHER layers) today:

 It is so chilly and snowy here in Cincinnati!  I bundled up to the best of my abilities when I had to run out for errands.  On the bright side, I've been getting lots of use out of that red ear warmer that I knitted last year!

Oh and one more thing about the beer... if anyone has a strong aversion to coconut (I know several of you... what is wrong with you?!) the flavor is not strong at all in this brew.  If anything, it's a refreshing aftertaste.


  1. Oh my goodness, we LOVE Disney World and I am so jealous of your awesome trip post. How fun about the beer, hope it comes soon to Kroger in MI! Also, your ear warmer is adorbs. :)

    1. Yay Disney! Thanks about the ear warmer... it's a really easy knitting project :) Let's hope MI gets some Kona soon too!

  2. So glad you found your fav Kona beer in Ohio!

    I really like your ear warmer,too! Still enjoying the scarf that you made me for Christmas.