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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Florida Trip Photos!

Finally I am getting around to posting the photos from my fantastic trip to Florida for New Year's.  We traveled to Keystone Heights for a reunion with my mother's side of the family.  It was so wonderful to see everyone again!  We were very lucky with the weather and check out this view of the sunset from the porch....

My sister, enjoying the view

On New years day, we (my mother, father, sister, her boyfriend, and I) drove down to Orlando for some Disney time.

For this trip we stayed at Port Orleans, Riverside in Magnolia Bend. After checking in, we made our way to the Polynesian Resort where we had reservations at Kona Cafe.
My Dad, enjoying the scenery

The resorts were still decorated for the holidays, what a special treat!

I have always loved the Poly Lobby

At the Kona Cafe... my sister made the AWESOME choice of a Lapu Lapu, yay!

Mom and Dad :)

After dinner I brought everyone out to the Polynesian Beach to catch the Electrical Water Pageant. 
Fireworks were going off at Magic Kingdom in the background, it was an incredible show
I couldn't believe it but everyone was up for some resort hoping after the beach show!  We took the monorail to the Grand Floridian....
Huge Christmas tree!  There was a classy band playing, decked out in gray and gold suits (or were they tuxes?)

The Gingerbread house.  When it is open you can actually buy gingerbread from the other side of the house.

The house was just filled with little details.  This one stood out to me, it's a nod to one of my favorite old Disney cartoons.
Another short monorail trip away was the Contemporary....
Giant Gingerbread tree with a mural in the background, done in the Mary Blair style.


The ladies
We finally made our way home after the Contemporary.  Up next for tomorrow?  Well since it will be January 2 I figured that the parks would still be very busy so we will be doing some non-park exploring and just a bit of sleeping in :)


  1. These pics bring back such wonderful memories of our Holiday adventures!

    Yes, it was great to see so much family and really like the lake pics you posted!

    Disney was grand as always! Lindsay you captured so nicely are first delightful afternoon and evening at WDW. My fav part was the Polynesian resort and glad we got a pic of all of us at the Floridian.

  2. I am repeatedly jealous of your magical holidays. And I have still NEVER seen the Electrical Water Pageant! Your photos gave me goosebumps from all the Disney and holiday magic.

  3. P.S. This summer marks the TEN YEAR Anniversary of Walt. Disney. World. 2003. !!!!!.

  4. Mom - I loved visiting the Poly too... the smell in the lobby just reminds me of wonderful vacations

    Stacey - there is more holiday disney magic coming soon, the parks were still decorated too!! Didn't you get the evite? The '10 year Walt. Disney. World. 2003. !!!!!. Reunion" is being held this summer in the World.