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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tis the season

I hope everyone had a Cool Yule! I spent the holiday weekend in Cleveland with family and friends, it was absolutely wonderful with snow and plenty of cheer.  Sadly, I had to drive back on Christmas day and despite my sadness of leaving, I'm feeling in a much better mood this afternoon.  Some highlights:

The Champagne Bar at Hilarities in downtown Cleveland

Mistletoe cocktail: From what I remember, it involved tequila, champagne, pomegranate juice, and candy canes.  Phew!
The Popcorn Shop in Chagrin Falls... a childhood memory
Vintage ornaments turned into wine glass charms.... what a cute idea!! My mother-in-law crafted them :)

The charms in action, aren't they fun... how perfect for parties!

GASP!  Jadeite mixing bowls and teacups with saucers... I want to cuddle with them at night but I will try to contain myself.  Aren't they beautiful?  I have quite a soft spot for these treasures.

Close up of the teacup and saucer, so detailed.  The photo doesn't even do the color justice.

A bit of 1950's kitsch for the Tiki Bar!!

A set of AMAZING bamboo cups and ice box, can't wait to use them

Hubby outdid himself this year... a gold ring with opals and 4 little pearls.  I. LOVE. IT.  Keep a look out for photos of one of his xmas presents.... his grandfather's incredibly handsome cuff links and tie clips!
Well it's snowy and very cold here in Cincinnati... I spent the day curled up by the space heater with the pups.  Only a few more days before the big trip to Florida to see my family, I cannot wait! 


  1. Appreciate the posting of your Christmas in Cleveland. Looks like you got some fun items for your tiki bar.

  2. More comments -- The ring is just beautiful & the Jadeite mixing bowls and teacups with saucers are treasures!

  3. Triplesec, the misletoe cocktails had triple sec in it too. So glad you enjoyed the holiday festivities, as usual enjoyed your company!