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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Honeymoon Day 5: Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom

On our fifth day, we really wanted to take some time to enjoy our darling room at Port Orleans French Quarter, here are some shots from the balcony (hallway) outside of our room:
.  I just love the wrought iron that lines the hallways on these buildings.

Our room was very much tucked away in the corner which made it nice and quiet

To the left we had a view of the Sassagoula River!

We walked down to the river and took a leisurely ride over to Downtown Disney
View of the riverboat from the dock
Riverboat up close

Here is the approach to Downtown Disney, I believe this is Fulton's Crab House

Amazing LEGO sculpture in front of the LEGO Store
For lunch, I insisted... ahem... I mean, I politely suggested that we eat at the T-Rex Cafe.  This was a first for me and I really wanted to see the interior.  Overall the food was just so-so however the dinosaur theme was a lot of fun.
By far, the most impressive was this enormous underwater area that makes up the bar. 
Even if the food isn't quite what you're in the mood for... make sure to stop by this fun bar for a drink!
That large dinosaur (Triceratops?) in the background... that's a wrap around bench!  We did not get to sit there but how fun is that?!
another shot from our dining area
Here you can see the bar area through our section
The Ice Cave seating area was really neat, I took a moment to walk through and snap some photos

Another shot of the ice cave.  A meteor would come through the restaurant every 10 minutes or so and this was certainly the best spot to sit and watch the action.

After a bit of shopping at Downtown Disney, we took another boat to the Old Key West Resort.  I have never had the chance to stay here (it is exclusively Disney Vacation Club I believe) but the themeing is just wonderful... I love the colors and design of Key West.

We stopped in for a drink at the Gurgling Suitcase
After another boat ride, we were back at our resort to freshen up for the rest of the day at Magic Kingdom. A phone call from the front desk let us know that we had a little something on it's way up!
My parents, sister, and her boyfriend sent us this WONDERFUL package to the room.  We were so surprised and excited to receive this thoughtful gift.  Inside was a bottle of white, two darling Mickey glasses along with....
A chocolate box filled with chocolates!  How cool is this?!

These were so yummy, i just can't get over this:)
And of course... Mickey and Minnie ears!   Thanks so much to my family for sending this.... you made our magical vacation even more special. 
After enjoying our lovely gift, we hopped on the bus for our last day at the parks at the Magic Kingdom
"I'm walkin' right down the middle of Main Street, USA!"  Factiod: did you know that every day is the Fourth of July on Main Street?  This way, it makes sense that everyone is not at work and there are always American Flags proudly on display.

Cinderella Castle and Brent trying to run away haha

Tomorrowland sign... love it
The TTA stopped for a while right in front of the castle

Here we are on the railroad... I never appreciated this leisurely ride when I was younger but it was quite pleasant and we stayed on for two trips around the Magic Kingdom.

This is our Honeymoon button... we both tried to wear it everyday and got lots of little magical moments from the cast members

After hanging around Magic Kingdom all afternoon, we took the boat over to the Grand Floridian and had dinner at the Grand Floridian cafe.  I had never eaten here before, it was just lovely!  After enjoying our food we took the boat back and spent the rest of the evening walking the Magic Kingdom.

Even though it was our last day at the parks, we were still very excited to drive to Keystone Heights the next morning and visit my family!


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  2. Oh, the T-Rex Cafe does look like fun and I would like to sit in the Ice Cave seating area.

    Now, I know what the Happily Ever After button looks like & nice that you ate at the Floridian.

    What a wonderful last day at the Parks for your honeymoon!