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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A few photos from this week...

This past week brought us some lovely weather and a taste of what is coming for fall. And of course, nothing is a better indicator of the upcoming Autumn season than the arrival of pumpkin beer!
I enjoyed my first Punkin' Ale of the season this weekend - one of my favorites!
I took lots of walks in the gorgeous weather, watched a rainstorm in our solarium, met a good friend for brunch, and visited a very old friend that has just moved to town.

The hubby has been hard at work trying to finalize everything for his residency applications - I am so proud of him!
Hubby and C.B.

We have having been loving our new home delivery grocery, Green Bean. Each week we get loads of fresh local produce which has pushed us to get more creative in the food department. Hubby made this delicious curry squash soup a few nights ago.
Curry Squash Soup

Later on in the week we stopped in at Sitwell's a cozy coffee shop down tr street. Hubby was hard at work as always but we both tried the Tommyknocker Pumpkin Ale. It was rather mild as far as the pumpkin and spice flavors go and tasted lighter than it looked.

This weekend we are heading down to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with another couple. This is something that Hubby and I have wanted to do for quite a while so we are very excited!

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