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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Etsy Finds: Atomic Style

Lately it seems that I have been doing a lot of fixing up around the apartment.  Although I have bought a few new items, there are always so many amazing finds that have caught my eye along the way.  This group of goodies is focused on the vintage atomic style, hope you enjoy!

For the kitchen:

Can't you just imagine having your breakfast sitting on one of these gorgeous 
vinyl chairs tucked around a formica table?  The print is just fantastic!

Speaking of formica tables... check out this beauty... and in such great condition!

Here is a rare coffee pot with loads of shiny platinum.  The link above will take you to the coffee pot page but all of the pieces are for indivual sale as well.

I just adore the colors and angles in this cup and saucer set, looks like the etsy seller offers a custom service for this iconic pattern.  "You tell us the pieces you want, or how much you want to spend, and we'll create a set based on your desires."

For the Bedroom:

Too darling!  Apparently the original cord is still working beautifully.

 How fun is this bed spread with the abstract fan design and the cut-outs at the bottom!

Too cute... this would be so helpful for those days when you need
 a pin curl or curler set to dry quickly.

For the Lounge:

Mid Century Modern Boomerang Style Home Bar

This is a modern reproduction with a 50's inspiration... to be honest, a few months ago I almost broke down and ordered this phenomenal home bar for our apartment.  Unfortunately (or perhaps... fortunately) I decided it was out of my price range and we went with another option (more on that later!).   It is truly a wonderful piece and I would love to have one of these in my home one day.

These two tumbler glasses would look out of this world sitting on the bar from above:)

This little beauty is in great condition and still works!  What a fun addition to the bar this would be.

Look at this beauty - I would happily put this anywhere in the apartment!  The malachite drawers and pin legs along with the oval separated level really make this piece something special.

For the Person:
With all this talk about new furnishings, of course I would have to mention some of the finds that would look dazzling on the people lounging around in such a fun setting!

This would be the perfect outfit for a day at the beach or.... laying around your atomic apartment with a tropical drink in your hand and a magazine in the other:)

Too cute for a little boy, I especially love the coconut shell buttons.

Alright, I'll be honest... I might just order these.  The little half-moons encased in the beautiful lucite is so fun and a very good price too.

I have been wanting a shirt in this style for so long and this one is just adorable.  The cut would be so flattering with a pair of cigarette pants and some wedges.

These little beauties are actually from the 40s but still have that fun futuristic style.  The color and angles are spectacular.

How fun that this is two pieces to mix and match as well as wear together?!  It also
 features two pockets on the side  and is made of a cotton.


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  1. I really like retro! My parents had a formica table like the one in the photo. Also, I had an aqua hooded hair dryer. BTW, especially fond of the 50s teak sideboard dresser and the aqua chairs.