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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Honeymoon Day 3: Mid-Day Magic Kingdom

On Wednesday morning, we slept in a bit and were able to leisurely sip our coffee and enjoy the lovely resort. On the agenda today was to pick up something special for my mother and then spend the rest of the day at the Magic Kindgom.

We made our way over to the Carribbean Beach resort, where my family had many magical vacations.  I picked up a a beautiful watercolor print of the resort for my mother and was delighted to show my new hubby a place that is in so many of my wonderful memories.

We walked around Port Royale and grabbed a snack to eat by the pool.  Then we enjoyed the warm sun and views of the water.

It was such a lovely day!

After the Carribbean, we grabbed a bus to the Magic Kingdom.  By this time it was about 2:00 so I knew the park would be BUSY.  Our goal today was just to take our time, see some of the rides with fast moving queues, then take advantage of the later extra magic hours that evening.
We made it!

The Partners Statue
View of Mainstreet and the Castle.  This will always take my breath away.

Isn't this a great shot? I think I just got lucky.

There was only a short wait for Pirates of the Carribbean so we made our first stop there.  Brent and I had ridden on the Disneyland version two years ago so it was fun to be able to discuss the differences between the two. The cool, dark queue was just as I had remembered it... perfectly themed to the ride and so refreshing.  After walking in the hot sun all afternoon, the blast of cold all over your body is such a wonderful feeling.

After Pirates, we stopped for a Pineapple float (a dole whip with pineapple juice).  This was my first time trying one!  It was delicious but I think I prefer the dole whip.

This was our Adventureland view as we snacked on our frozen delights.
The TIKI ROOM!!  I can't tell you how happy I am that the original show is back. 

Tiki Room pre-show


We had grabbed a fastpass for Splash Mountain earlier and made our way there after the Tiki Room.  After only a short wait we were happliy boarding our log flumes.  Splash Mountain was closed during our Disneyland trip so this was Bren's first time.  This has always been one of my favorites and I was so happy to share it with my new hubby.

By this time I was quite hungry.  Brent had grabbed a burger at Pecos Bill's but I wanted to get a sandwich at Columbia Harbour House.  Despite the crowds, the upstairs of the restaurant was completely empty and we were the only ones taking advantage of the beautiful views of Liberty Square.  I had the Lighthouse sandwich and it was delightful.

After eating I really just wanted to walk around and take in a few sights.  We walked through Fantasy Land, grabbed a Fastpass for Winnie the Pooh, and made our way to Tomorrowland.  I just had to see Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray's!  Brent was quite perplexed at this lounge-singing animatronic in a quick service restaurant.  I assured him that it was amazing :)

(photo from

Then I dragged him... ahem... I mean suggested that we ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA).  I have always loved this little ride... there is never any wait and today was no exception.  After this trip however, I have an even bigger appreciation for this attraction.  Dare I say this may be my all time favorite ride?!  I just can't help it... the views of Tomorrowland, the dark part inside of Space Mountain, the EPCOT model... it's all so nostalgic.  We rode the TTA more than a few times during this trip!

Back in Fantasyland we hopped on the happiest cruise that ever sailed, It's a Small World.  Always a wonderful and classic ride.  After that we watched Philharmagic with no wait at all.

Then it was on to Winnie the Pooh.  Unfortunately the ride broke down for quite some time however it did allow me to get a few fun shots. 

This is a charming ride but I certainly do miss the previous attraction, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

We decided to take a little break and check out some of the deluxe resorts nearby.  We saw this Duck and her ducklings waddling around on our way out, how cute!
We took the boat across the lake, here is a great view of the Grand Floridian.  We would visit this resort later, our stop was next up...

We disembarked at the Polynesian

At the Sushi bar, we relaxed for a bit in the fun tropical atmosphere.

Here are our drinks... can you guess which one is mine?  I actually had the beer and Brent's Maitai is on the right.  The beer was a coconut brown ale.  This was quite possibly the most delicious beer I have EVER had.  It was just a light coconut flavor but really added something special. 

Then we made our way to the Tiki Bar.

We toasted to our wonderful honeymoon.  We have had so much fun already and there were still two and a half days left!  I can't remember exactly what we ordered, it was a sparkling white and sooo tasty.

We took the boat back to MK and by this time, the crowds had cleared out significantly.  Here we are at the Haunted Mansion.

Coming out of the Haunted Mansion, we caught the Electrical Parade.  With the sights and musical sounds, all of my senses were immediately transported back to my childhood.  I couldn't help but get teary eyed when thinking of all the fun I had at this park as a kid... and now I was experiencing everything in a new way. 

We got on a few more rides that evening and certainly took advantage of the extra hours, staying until the park closed.

Before we left we stopped by the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and enjoyed our cones on the bistro seats while watching the people pass by on Main Street.  There were still several Magic Kingdom attractions we had not seen but we would be returning on Friday for our last day in the parks. 

Up next is the Animal Kingdom and a visit from my Aunt, Uncle and two of their girls!


  1. An amazing shot of Main Street with pink and purple Mickey balloons as well as the castle in the background!

    On my next visit to Magic Kingdom, I want to revisit the Tiki Room show, It's a Small World, and TTA! Also, I want to check out Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray's -- I don't think I have seen it.

    Always enjoy the Floridian & Polynesian resorts. Generally, I like to take the monorail to them.

    So glad you went to the Carribbean Beach resort & I just love the pic you bought for me! Not sure how many times we stayed at this resort but we always enjoyed it and found it very relaxing.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful day at WDW!

  2. Is it wrong of me to think that these entries are written specifically for me? No? Okay, that's what I thought. UUUMMMMM... where do I begin?! Your skirt? Your sandals? (Are those Bass - I love mine!) The Nikitikitikitikitiki Room?! NOT "Under New Management"! Sonny Eclipse?! I forgot about him!! Heffalumps and Woozles!!!! MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE?! AHHHHHHHHH *BOOM* (That was the sound of my head exploding.) Only one question - did anyone offer you free tickets to the Not-Happiest-Place-in-the-World while you were in line for your HIDDEN MICKEY (I see it!) ice cream???

    1. Um - thisissoembarassing! - I of course meant the TIKItikitikitikitiki Room. ugh.

  3. Ahhh yes perhaps it was written with certain someone in mind (ahhwink). The Tiki room is fun but I also enjoy the Nikitiki room. Oh I have a video of the Electrical parade that you are going to LOVE. I was having issues with youtube so it's not in this post but hopefully will be up soon! And don't worry... no trips to the theme park that shall not be named... with their "rides".