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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Honeymoon Day 2: EPCOT (PICTURE HEAVY)

Well after a somewhat soggy day at Hollywood Studios, we were excited to wake up the next morning and see that the sky was only a bit overcast and it was not raining!  The weather ended up being just terrific... a few quick light showers in the morning and then the skies opened up for us.  The rain really helped to keep the temperature down... I didn't even need sunblock!  Anyway... off we go for a day at EPCOT.
Entrance (photo from

Monorail! (photo from
We got to the park entrance just a few minutes after the park had opened (I know, I know... I should have been there for rope drop).  After making a bee-line (B line?) to Soarin' and grabbing a fastpass, we enjoyed a relaxing ride on Livin' with the land (right around the corner).


I'm still a bit tired....
We made our way over to Nemo and got on with no wait
After Nemo we were able to ride Soarin' pretty quickly.  We took a trip aboard Spaceship Earth and a look into the Art of Disney Animation Store before heading over to World Showcase at 11:00.

First stop: Mexico!
I think this just may be my favorite pavilion.  There is something so charming about the indoor/outdoor marketplace.  I remember being entranced by the Mexico pavilion as a child and I have always loved the water ride, El Rio del Tiempo.  In recent years, they updated this ride to the Gran Fiesta Tour with the cast of the Three Caballeros.  The music, the lighting, the fountain and the atmosphere really come together to make something special in this pavilion.
I bought this shirt and ended up wearing it later in the week :)
Here is a better shot of the interior

Here we are outside the Kringla Bakery in Norway where we stopped for coffee and a quick break.  So... I have still NOT tried the skool bread - I always have good intentions of stopping at Kringla for a mid-morning snack. This time we had reservations at the Biergarten in Germany for lunch and I did not want to spoil my appetite!  Next time skool bread... next time!

Eventually we made our way to Germany, I think Brent really enjoyed this pavilion!
We picked up some steins and sent them to our fathers
Here is the interior of the Biergarten.  The atmostphere is like an indoor/outdoor German village at night.  Though I've eaten here as a child, I don't remember the experience so this was all new to me.
Another interior shot
We split a beer flight... I think this was Brent's favorite ride.
The food was delicious, especially the pretzel bread and cheese spaetzel.
There was even a German band that played during our meal - how fun!
We meandered around and eventually found ourselves in Italy.
I really wanted to see the new Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar so we stopped in for a sip.  The atmostphere was very cozy... dark and cool with plenty of available cushy seats.  My chardonnay was excellent by the way.

The staff saw our "Happily Ever After" pins and surprised us with a song and this scrumptious torte!

Brent taking a break outside of the UK pavlion.


Rock work in the Canada pavilion
After thoroughly exploring and tasting our way through all the countries, we made our way back to Future World for a ride on Journey into Imagination (sigh... sooo not the same as it used to be).

Before we left I snagged a photo of the moving fiberoptics outside of Innoventions West... where can I get some of these?!?

The next day we planned to be a bit more relaxed, visiting some other resorts in the morning and doing a half day at the Magic Kingdom!


  1. I'm beginning to think your wedding present to Brent was a *leisurely* trip to The World. Tell to just wait until our doubles trips. He and Todd won't know what hit them!

  2. haha... yes I certainly did take it easy on him :) This is my first trip to the world that I didn't come home with a sun-rash. Umm... couples trip... NOW PLEASE!!!

  3. Oh...4 of my favorite places to go at Epcot: Mexico, Germany, & Norway, and The Land. Really like your new shirt & enjoyed as always your great photos!

  4. Your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!