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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Honeymoon Time!!

Well I can now safely say that my wedding was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing (except for maybe that darn traffic jam!). My new husband and I are on our way to Disney World!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Merrily on My Way

Well I'm off to Cleveland to tie the knot!  After a few days of fun in Northeast Ohio with friends and family, my new Hubby and I will be jetting off to Disney World for a magical honeymoon.  I will try to put some photos up on twitter while I'm on vacation so please head over there if you would like to see them.  You can follow me @OdetteNoir.  I may also put a few quick photos directly to the blog

I have a bunch of posts in the works so do stay tuned after my return!

It's hard to believe this weekend is just around the bend... I couldn't be more excited :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1940s Bachelorette Party: Picture Heavy

A few weekends ago my sister and a few close friends threw me the most amazing bachelorette party a gal could ever hope for. Everyone was instructed to don their best 1940's look for the evening and the ladies were so lovely! They took me to the Hilton hotel downtown... we were staying there for the night as a surprise!!! How fun, I've blogged about how this art deco haven is my favorite stop for a drink. Anyway, I'll let the pictures tell the story:

When I got up to the room I was suprised again as they ladies had decorated the place in wonderful old adverts and created a fancy bar equipped with ingredients for fancy drinks!

They also set up a delicious spread of snacks to keep us sustained for the afternoon... YUM!

Even the bathrooms were fancy in this place.

There was, of course, a gorgeous vanity to help us ladies get ready for the evening festivities.
Here I am doing my sister's hair...

Isn't she pretty?!

I received these wonderful martini glasses as a gift and then I put them to good use:

After cocktails we made our way to Arnold's for dinner in the private "bath tub room"

Midway through the night my sister pulled out a fun game and I had the fun task of giving out awards to the ladies:
  • The Bette (Davis) - most authentic
  • THe Ingrid (Bergman) - most romantic
  • The Lauren (Bacall) - most sexy (sexiest?)
  • THe Ginger (Rogers) - most coordinated
  • The Judy (Garland) - most colorful
And then she gave me the "Minnie Mouse" award for the "Movie Star of Honor".  Haha!  What a cute idea!
And yes there is an actual bathtub in the "bathtub room" at Arnold's.  It really is one of the neatest old bars/restaurants I've ever been to.

Later we moved down stairs to listen to the band and share some creme brulee (cracking into it together was fun!).

Finally we were on our way to Japp's to enjoy some drinks and dancing:

Meanwhile, during all of our womanly fun, the boys had been having a good ol' time eating steaks, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars at their bachelor party.  Don't worry, they couldn't stay away from us for too long.  The guys stopped by Japp's for a bit of fun and then we went our separate ways... what an amazing evening!

The next morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast at the Hilton so I had one more excuse to enjoy my favorite location.  I enjoyed coffee with a croissant and fruit (amond other things)... delicious! 

I loved these chairs in the lobby, how luxurious!!

I am one happy bride-to-be!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday! Here is how I started out my morning:
A bit of French pressed coffee in a very special teacup and saucer enjoyed with my breakfast of choice; honey graham crackers. It was a sunny morning here in Cincinnati so I sipped and munched away in our solarium.

Here is a better shot of the teacup and saucer; they were an extra thoughful gift from my sweet sister:) It brightens my day whenever I use this set. The French press and cow creamer above were wedding and shower gifts from one of my wonderful friends.

The weekend has been busy but wonderful so far!  Friday was the opening of our favorite wine shop in their new location so we stopped in for a tasting and a toasting.  Saturday was spent enjoying the lovely weather and then some fun exploring in a new part of town (more on that later!).  Today is grooming for the pups and some last minute vacation shopping for the fiance.  What have you been up to this weekend?