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Saturday, May 12, 2012

This past weekend was one of the very best of my life for so many reasons. First and foremost, so many people that I love were in the same spot at once and that meant so much to me. Well let me get to the events! First of all… it was my bridal shower… my bridal shower, seems so wild.

My fiancé also had a semi-bachelor party this weekend so we both drove up to Cleveland on Friday afternoon for the festivities. My parents flew in from New Mexico, my sister flew in from Chicago, and some of my absolutely wonderful friends drove in from Cincinnati and Columbus as well. There was so much going on that this is just a brief overview but trust me, it was all a blast!

Brent and his buddies stayed at a resource cabin available from the Lake Metroparks. His father was gracious enough to arrange this for us. His parents were even nice enough to stock the fridge with all sorts of yummy food, coffee, beer and wine. The cabin itself was a treat as well with 8 beds, a large living room and full kitchen, and a fire pit with benches and a grill in the back yard.

My family and I stayed at this adorable little bed and breakfast called His Majesty’s, right on the square in Madison, OH. This place was antique and fine China heaven. You felt like you were INSIDE of a teacup when you entered the bedroom where my sister and I slept! The owner was delightful as well and she can really make a delicious breakfast!

Here I am wearing a teacup-like print shirt while inside the teacup room

On Saturday morning I woke up to a delightful cup of coffee and sat down for a scrumptious breakfast with my family. Everything was made from ingredients that were either from the owner’s garden (pictures later on) or local vendors. First up was the fruitini with fresh strawberries, mint leaves and real violets with a vanilla syrup. I believe this is the first time I had ever eaten a violet and they were so yummy! Next up was some sort of an egg and cheese soufflĂ© with spinach. Oh wow… this was light and fluffy and just right for me.

After breakfast I got ready for the shower and had enough time to take a stroll around the gardens in the back of the B and B:

Finally we made our way to the shower at Ferrante’s Winery. Let me just say that I knew this gathering would be special but when I got there and saw everyone setting up decorations and how much they had worked… well I was so touched I couldn’t help but start crying! I get teary eyed just thinking about it… how special!

You can see on the table that the favors for the guests were these little hatboxes with the date of the wedding and our names, what an amazing idea!

Inside of each adorable hatbox were little chocolate hats, teapots and shoes... made my the wonderful mother in law to be, Tammy!  By the way these were SOOO good.

Here are some of the ladies before the festivities began (from left to right: My mother, myself, Stasha (Brent's sister), Brent's Grandmother, Kelly (my sister) and Tammy (Brent's Mother).

I was given this vintage apron with lots of little cooking things attached… I wore it for the first ½ hour or so while guests were arriving and later they had to recall the items as part of a game. How cute!

Lunch was divine… fresh salad and vegetable lasagna but the piece de resistance was clearly this:
A hat-box shaped cake made and decorated by my mother-in-law-to-be! WOW! If you haven’t heard me rave about this cake yet, it’s honestly the best cake I have EVER had. Seriously. All of my favorite dessert flavors are combined into a luscious and moist dark chocolate layer cake with hazelnut and coconut. OH my.

Maria, who also helped immensely with the shower planning and the wedding, had just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World and brought back these very special Minnie ears:

I wore them throughout the gift opening – how very sweet! And goodness… so many wonderful and thoughtful presents!

Later that evening, everyone – including the boys – met up and went winery hopping. Debonne was pleasant as always; we got a nice gazebo and picnic table out in the sunshine. Even the poodles came out to play! Then off to South River winery… in an old church! Our drinks and snacks were accompanied by a brief history of the church-turned-winery by one of the employees. I could not have asked for a better day!

This is a great shot of everyone chatting and enjoying the atmosphere of the South River winery

Well It's going to be a gorgeous weekend in Cincinnati.  I plan to catch up on some wedding things as well as take some time to rest and relax.  This morning I was able to sleep in and the leisurely prepared a sikly smooth cup of coffee via my new french press.  What are you doing to enjoy yourself this weekend?

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  1. Great pics of your shower which was very special and beautiful!

    Also, I really enjoyed the pics of the B&B where we stayed and the pic of the winery that we all enjoyed together!

    You have certainly captured this wonderful and magical weekend that was one of the very best for me, too!!!