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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Delights

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer… I certainly am!  For some reason I really enjoy the heat and humidity that comes this time of year.  It reminds me of the unbelievable fun during my childhood summers; walking down to the lake, swimming, enjoying ice cream, wearing shorts and sandals, and of course, family vacations to Disney World! 

Well I wanted to share some delicious finds with you to enhance your summer delights!

During a routine grocery trip to Trader Joes, I was intrigued by this little hidden gem.   Coconut water is a favorite of mine, it is so refreshing and tropical!  The package didn’t show you what a “Coconut Water Fruit Floe” really was but did offer this description: "Coconut water is so refreshing to drink that we've made it into a frozen bar that will really cool you off!  Not too sweet and loaded with flakes of coconut, we can't think of a more tasty way to refresh."

After opening the package I was happy to find a creamy looking treat in the shape of a popsicle.   It was an unusually hot day for May and I was excited to enjoy a frosty snack.  The taste is much creamier and sweeter than plain coconut water which I liked.  There are even coconut shavings dispersed throughout the “floe” which added great texture.  Even Brent, who HATES coconut water, enjoyed these little frozen delights!

Here's what it looks like after a few licks... you can see the coconut flakes

So overall I am very happy with this Trader Joe’s find, I believe it is even vegan.  The dessert is somewhat good for you and made from only a few ingredients.  Unlike most creamy coconut treats, this one is relatively low in fat (only 3.5g for one serving). 

Also deserving a mention are these:
Dr. Praeger's California Veggie Burgers.... YUM!  When it comes to frozen veggie patties, I prefer the ones that are actually made from veggies instead of the ones that are meant to taste like a "hamburger".   These are actually green when you take them out of the package... I have only tried them microwaved (sad I know but I eat them for lunch at work) but they would surely be even better if grilled.  These contain lots of veggies like carrots, string beans, soybeans, zucchini, peas, broccoli, corn, spinach and red pepper.  The patties are great on top of a salad and would be a delicious summer treat as a veggie burger with all the fixin's for a grill-out.  (This was also found at Trader Joes')

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  1. Think I would like the coconut frozen bars.

    Veggie burgers look good. Trader Joes has a lot of good food! Wish we had one near our home, but we do have a couple of special grocery stores that we enjoy going to from time to time.