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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well the upcoming wedding has given me a great excuse to get in contact with a lot of my friends from Hawaii.  Since we are pretty much scattered throughout the globe, it is rare that we all get to see each other anymore.  I am so very excited that a good chunk of people are making the effort to come out for my special day. 

Here we are on graduation day.  The girls and I all shared a house and the fella is our buddy.

I really do miss Honolulu and a good portion of my heart is still there.  I've never before felt so "home" in a city.  Here are just a few of my wonderful memories and favorites from my time in the islands:

Lanikai was always my favorite beach.  The huge waves on Northshore were fun and all... but you could always count on crystal clear calm waters at Lanikai.  It was also pretty out of the way, causing you to find little side paths that lead up to the water which meant it was usually less crowded.  The sand felt like talcum powder... so very soft!  I have a wonderful memory of the girls (and John!) piling into a car, stopping at a local grocery for fresh bread, cheese, and cold beers and then having a glorious beach picnic.

My good buddy John and I relaxing in the shade at the beach... can't
remember where exactly but I believe Makapu'u perhaps.

I never had a car during my years in HI which was beyond wonderful.  For my first year and a half, I had a little blue and white beach cruiser bike but living in a valley meant LOTS of hills, no matter where you were going!  During the remainder of my time there I had two Abruzzi scooters that looked much like the one above (one yellow, one blue).  I loved those things! 

And this is where Lindsay really fell in love with vintage; Catherine's Closet Vintage Boutique in Manoa Valley.  I worked here part time during my college days and treasured every minute of it.  The majority of my tasks were going through gigantic bins of gorgeous old garments, hats, jewelry, housewares, trinkets, and just about everything else.  One of my favorite things to do was make arrangements and displays.  We also hosted a few vintage parties for ladies that rented out the shop.  These were a ball.  I remember one party with a sangria station where you could choose between 3 different frozen fruits to mix with your champagne.  It was like playing dress up all the time. 

Not having a car, I made frequent trips to our closest beach, Waikiki.  Sure it was touristy.  Sure it was crowded.  But I never let myself take it for granted.  I would wake up, zip on my moped to the nearest 7/11 and pick up a UCC Coffee (see below) then head to the beach.  In less than ten minutes I would be near the tatue of Duke Kahanamoku.  I believe just to the left of this was a large tree with a bike rack that was never full... perfect place to chain up my scooter.  Then I was off to sit in the shade, do some homework or reading and take a dip in the water.  Ahhh... I miss those days!

As mentioned above, one of my favorite treats were the iced UCC coffee drinks.  They came in about 4 or 5 different varieties but I usually preferred the coffee with milk.  They were such a delicious treat on a hot day.  I've seen these at Jungle Jim's but they're quite pricey here so I do miss them.

Oh and Andy's Sandwiches and Smoothies.  This place had the best sandwiches I have ever tasted.   They made their own poppyseed dressing which was used on each sandwich.  And they always had lots of sprouts and veggies.  There was some mushroom and cheese sammy that just cannot be topped. 

Another 7/11 favorite were the hand rolls.  They came in a variety of different kinds such as vegetarian (fotumaki), tuna salad, crab, salmon salad, etc.  You would actually take them out of the plastic wrap and the seawood rectangle was in a separate compartment.  So you would roll the rice part onto the seaweed sheet which meant your seaweed was still crunchy when you ate the roll!  Oh my goodness I must have eaten 200 of these!

And last but certainly not least... here I am dancing for the University of Hawaii's dance program.  I was very close to getting a double major in dance performance but in the end, decided to settle for a minor.  However, the dance department was my second home during my college days.  I was lucky enough to perform in several of their shows and the one pictured above was my favorite.  The show was student choreographed and I was in a quartet piece of my good friend Mayuko's.  She is a gorgeous dancer and I was honored that she asked me to do this.  The piece was very dramatic and fun to perform!  Keeping up with my ballet technique classes is something that means a lot to me and I took at least one every semester.

The warm and humid air in Cincinnati these past few days has been feeling a bit tropical as well!  I do love the summer.  And this weekend should be a blast, we are driving up to Cleveland for my bridal shower!  This evening was filled with lots of cleaning, packing, and a bath for the pups. 



  2. Wonderful pics and brings back delightful memories of visiting you in Hawaii. Liked them all but some of my fav pics are: group shot at graduation (thought the leis were a great way to celebrate such a special occasion), the scooter, Waikiki Beach, and the shot of you wearing clothes from Catherine's Closet.

    1. Yes I had so much fun during your visits! Island hopping was my favorite:)

  3. Have you tried the fabulous canned coffee drinks at the Japan pavilion at Epcot? There are several different ones, all better than the next! :)

    1. Oh how perfect, I will have to partake in delicious canned coffee goodness during my next trip (June 25!). Apparently I'm usually too busy drinking sake when I visit the Japan pavilion:)