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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ModCloth's Make the Cut Contest

I am excited to announce that two of my fashion sketches are finalists in ModCloth's "Make the Cut" contest! Their inspiration was "Retro Honor Roll: 1960's Back to School." 25 finalists were picked and out of those sketches, 5 winners will be chosen. ModCloth has posted the 25 finalists on their Facebook page and people can vote on their favorite desings. There will be 3 winners based on the Facebook votes and 2 winners picked by one of the designers at ModCloth (after the voting has ended). Each of the 5 winners received $500 and their garment will be produced and sold on ModCloth. They also receive the garment for free!

Here is the link to vote, there are some really fun designs so make sure to check them all out! One thing I must mention is you should click on the entries to see them up close! A lot of the sketches (including mine) weren't meant to be seen in such a small square. Some of the entries are done in Photoshop or Illustrator, mine were drawn by hand (all methods were allowed).

Here are my entries... sadly I think that having two sketches picked as finalists ended up splitting my votes. I still appreciate everyone's support and effort in spreading the word! No matter the outcome I had so much fun drawing these so please enjoy!

The Jo Stockton capris were inspired by Audrey Hepburn's character in Funny Face. These tailored, high-waisted light cotton capris in a plaid print have a zipper and button at the back for a smooth silhouette that would fit right in with the coffe shop beatniks. You can pair these with kitten heels as your tour the streets of Paris or perhaps some flats as you talk philosophy with the locals.

The Rosemary's Baby-Doll dress was inspired by Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. This fun frock is very mod with a mandarin collar and two-tone design. Pair with brogues and a leather satchel and you'll be all set for orientation!


  1. Both fashion designs are great! I have been voting for the Rosemary's Baby-Doll dress since it at present has more votes, but I like the capri pants just as much as the dress!! Congrats for being picked as a finalist in ModCloth's "Make the Cut" contest!!!