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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers...

Well it is quite a dreary, chilly and rainy day here in Cincinnati.  I really did have good intentions of getting loads done today but after a very discouraging morning, I've decided to just take it easy this afternoon.  After waking up I did get some wedding things done and then attempted to go for a run... bad idea.  About 1/2 mile into my run it starts drizzling... then about 1/2 mile later it starts pouring.  Ughh!  So by now I'm a mile away from my warm and cozy apartment no matter how you look at it.  It was truly miserable.  The cold and squishy rain followed me all the way home and did not let up. 

I came back looking like a drowned rat.  For some reason this really got me down more than it should have, I suppose the past two weeks have just been sort of rough for me.  After a nice warm shower I came into the kitchen to see that my wonderful future-hubby had made a huge pot of steamy vegetable soup!  Oh how delicious, this warmed up my spirit and my tummy! 

When I start to feel down I find the best thing to do is acknowledge it and then move forward with some positive thinking and one of life's daily delights.  So today I wanted to share a little something that brightens my day.  I often talk about how much I enjoy walking my dogs.  Just recently I have changed my route to include a darling street that goes up at a steep incline partially bordered by dull cement blocks.  One of the residents has cheered up their corner of the world by planting flowers in each opening of the blocks:

I love this idea for so many reasons!  They chose to plant all sorts of different flowers in the main section and then succulents further down.

What a great way to utilize space, I especially love these purple and pink flowers.

The fact that all the flowers are different colors really draws your attention to their "garden".

Well the future-hubby and I are relaxing with some Star Wars for the afternoon.  Some hot tea and coconut cookies will help to keep me warm until we head out to meet some friends this evening.

What do is one of your life's daily delights??

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