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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventures in Make Up

Until recently, I haven’t been very experimental in the makeup department. I have always been interested in application techniques (especially for eye liner) but was convinced that I couldn’t switch my products without a bad skin reaction. Well all of this changed when I learned about the discontinuation of my favorite moisturizer/sunscreen/foundation (Neutrogena Healthy Defense Tinted Daily Moisturizer SPF 30). There was just something about this inexpensive drug store product that worked for me (and my mother). It took care of my sunscreen needs, kept my face moisturized all day without feeling greasy and also acted as a foundation or even primer in a pinch. For years I had been using this with Bare Escentuals loose mineral powders and the combination really worked. My only complaints were the slight yellow tint that I would sometimes get and that it didn’t seem to photograph very well. With this moisturizer quickly disappearing from the shelves, I had to find a replacement! I tried the new formulation that Neutrogena put out… nope not the same… just didn’t do it for me. I then tried another formulation with an SPF of 50 and that’s when things went south.

If any of you saw me over the holidays you may remember my complaining about extremely dry skin on my face. It turns out that I had what I now believe to be a mild chemical burn or reaction from the new moisturizer that I was trying. While this was a nightmare at the time, I now see it as a blessing in disguise. This sent me on a skin care path that has made my complexion much better than it has ever been.

First of all, I completely changed my skin care regimen. Estee Lauder has been fantastic, mild, and nourishing to my skin. At night I use their face wash followed by their Advanced Night Repair serum and then Pond’s dry skin cream. In the morning I use Estee Lauder’s Daywear moisturizer with spf 15; it feels absolutely refreshing with the cool scent of cucumber. It soaks into my skin within minutes and feels great under make up. This routine has completely improved my skin tone and texture as well as basically eliminating mild break outs. I am still on the quest for a few skin care items but feel pretty confident in this routine.

At this point I am on the quest for the perfect foundation. The loose powder does not work well with my dry skin so I have switched to liquid. For the past few months I have been using Christian Dior's Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup with SPF 10 and it has been so so. It hasn’t caused any break outs and it is a light to medium coverage. The shade (20) matches well and the formula is very easy to blend. My issue is that it tends to fade throughout the day and settle into dry patches around my nose. After doing some research I hit the mall and got some samples of different foundations that look nourishing for dry skin. I am giving them a try this week and will let you know how they work out. Though I got a few other skin care/make up samples, I am being very adamant about only introducing one new product at a time to keep track of what causes problems AND what causes the good results. I will be trying the foundations for a few days in a row before coming to any conclusions.

Here are the contenders:
  • Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation (crème): Sounds like a medium to high coverage foundation great for dry skin, though no SPF here either. From reviews it seems a bit more complicated to blend than a liquid foundation but it can really do the trick. Shade is Porcelain Ivory.
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation (liquid): Supposedly good for dry skin but no SPF. I have read multiple reviews on this and ladies generally like it but complain that it leaves the T-zone looking too “dewy". Shade is BR 12.
Hope everyone is enjoying the week and looking forward to the upcoming weekend! I've got some wedding tasks on my to do list as well as some crafting time with a good friend and a double date.


  1. Interesting and I need to do what you did and start trying different moisturizer/sunscreen/foundation since my favorite Neutrogena Healthy Defense Tinted Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 is no longer on shelves.

    1. Yes and you were kind enough to give me one of your last coveted tubes of that wonderful tinted moisturizer/sunscreen that I cherish and use sparingly!! Good luck on your moisturizer search!

  2. I've heard great things about Smashbox Foundation, personally though, i think its too heavy. They also have a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20, which i do like. My pick is Philosophy Foundation and protective color corrector SPF 20. It's so difficult to find a foundation that works, good luck!

    1. Thanks Sue for these wonderful suggestions! I have heard Smashbox has a great primer but haven't looked into their foundations/tinted moisturizers yet. I will certainly check out Philosophy... I love the higher SPF!