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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cable Knit Dog Sweaters

I am so excited to share with you the matching cable knit sweaters that I created for Pierre and C.B. After knitting a few sweaters over the past years, it has become a goal of mine to construct my own pattern that would fit the dogs perfectly. After a bit of trial and error, these are the finished products! I have also written the pattern out as well as a chart that I will be posting soon.

C.B.'s sweater was knitted first and I was very happy with the finished piece. He actually enjoys wearing the warm sweater and looks so darling!

Pierre's sweater was finished only a few days ago and, unlike the other piece, does not have little sleeves. The pattern works either way and Pierre seems to like the extra room (he is quite the active little poodle).

I don't always block the knitted pieces when I make things for the dogs because, well... they're dogs. This time I just went ahead and wet blocked the pieces; it was very fast and didn't hold up sewing time at all.

Here is a close up of the back. Both sweaters have the same cable design however Pierre's is slightly larger and an extra rib on each side was added.

Don't they look sweet?!? We have had so many compliments on our daily walks. It has been fun to chat with other dog owners!

What projects are you working on during these winter months? My next project is actually a summer accessory and will involve some sewing (my sewing skills are quite rusty!).

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  1. Nice job! They are so adorable in there cable knit sweaters.