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Monday, February 13, 2012

And they call it Bella Notte

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was jam-packed but very productive and fun. The future-hubby is on his surgery rotation which means we haven't been able to spend much time together lately. We were able to enjoy a wonderful dinner together on Saturday at Scotti's Italian Restuarant.

This was only my second time eating at Scotti's; it's a tiny place downtown but delicious and very romantic. This year marks it's 100th anniversary, can you believe it?!? The pasta is made from scratch and I am quite partial to the spinach fettucine.

We've had such a mild winter this year but the chill finally came to Cincinnati the past few days. I made sure to bundle up in preparation for the cold.

Brent had the carponatina with linguine and meatballs on the side. I think he was watching the birthday festivities of the fellow turning 60 at the next table.

I am contemplating my plan of attack on my green fettucine ala pasquale. It was so delicious!

The small restaurant interior is decorated with old chianti bottles and candles that have been used for years. I love the classic italian gingham tablecloths.

For dessert we split tiramisu and coffee for an indulgent end to the meal. As we got up to leave I realized we had been sitting there for over 2 hours! We were very full and sleepy but eventually made our way over to MOTR to meet some friends for some drinks and music.

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  1. Scotti's does look like a fun place to eat. Perhaps, we should go there next time we come to Cincinnati.