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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knitted Sweater Ideas

With the snowflakes and temperatures falling, I have the itch to knit myself another sweater. Last winter I made this “Perfect Jumper” (pattern from A Stitch in Time) and was very happy with the results.
Although it turned out to be very comfortable, incredibly cozy, and nicely fitted, I do not wear it as often as I would like. Sadly the jumper has become one of those pieces that I’m somewhat afraid to wear as I don’t want to mess it up. Being wool, it must be hand washed and even with careful attention, I am always afraid the shape will warp.
So what to knit for my next big project? Well I want something versatile, sturdy and comfortable. I’ve been paying attention to my “go to” sweaters this season and found that I gravitate towards button ups that can easily be layered on to any outfit. Strangely enough, my two favorites are a mustard yellow cardigan with black piping (wool) and a nautical blue/red/white button up (cotton). Neither of these seem versatile to me but both have been life savers throughout the cold months.

For the new project I’m gravitating toward a slightly oversized cardigan in a cotton camel yarn that will match everything. Here are my top choices thus far, please let me know what you think (for knitters, click on the picture for a link to the free pattern)!
Women’s Cardigan: This may be my favorite out of the bunch. The moss stitch-esq pattern is simple enough to be versatile and sturdy while still being more fun to knit than a stockinette stitch. I also love the pockets and large buttons. Though the collar looks fun, I can’t really tell what’s going on there and would probably end up tweaking that part a bit.
Lady’s Cardigan: The collar on this is adorable and it also has handy pockets. I would want to lengthen the sleeves to full length but that should not be too difficult. Again, the stitching used is fun and would keep me entertained during the many hours it takes to knit a sweater.

And this little short sleeved piece is too darling; I actually really like the pink! This would look great paired with some jeans and little kitten heels.

As for the yarn, I realize that wool is a knitter’s best friend but I really want to experiment with a sturdy cotton that I could throw in the washer and dryer without worrying. Any knitter's out there have a favorite cotton or blended yarn?
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! The fiance and I have been enjoying a few quiet and glorious days around the apartment with the dogs. Lots of walks, knitting, movies and wedding tasks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

And they call it Bella Notte

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was jam-packed but very productive and fun. The future-hubby is on his surgery rotation which means we haven't been able to spend much time together lately. We were able to enjoy a wonderful dinner together on Saturday at Scotti's Italian Restuarant.

This was only my second time eating at Scotti's; it's a tiny place downtown but delicious and very romantic. This year marks it's 100th anniversary, can you believe it?!? The pasta is made from scratch and I am quite partial to the spinach fettucine.

We've had such a mild winter this year but the chill finally came to Cincinnati the past few days. I made sure to bundle up in preparation for the cold.

Brent had the carponatina with linguine and meatballs on the side. I think he was watching the birthday festivities of the fellow turning 60 at the next table.

I am contemplating my plan of attack on my green fettucine ala pasquale. It was so delicious!

The small restaurant interior is decorated with old chianti bottles and candles that have been used for years. I love the classic italian gingham tablecloths.

For dessert we split tiramisu and coffee for an indulgent end to the meal. As we got up to leave I realized we had been sitting there for over 2 hours! We were very full and sleepy but eventually made our way over to MOTR to meet some friends for some drinks and music.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cable Knit Dog Sweaters

I am so excited to share with you the matching cable knit sweaters that I created for Pierre and C.B. After knitting a few sweaters over the past years, it has become a goal of mine to construct my own pattern that would fit the dogs perfectly. After a bit of trial and error, these are the finished products! I have also written the pattern out as well as a chart that I will be posting soon.

C.B.'s sweater was knitted first and I was very happy with the finished piece. He actually enjoys wearing the warm sweater and looks so darling!

Pierre's sweater was finished only a few days ago and, unlike the other piece, does not have little sleeves. The pattern works either way and Pierre seems to like the extra room (he is quite the active little poodle).

I don't always block the knitted pieces when I make things for the dogs because, well... they're dogs. This time I just went ahead and wet blocked the pieces; it was very fast and didn't hold up sewing time at all.

Here is a close up of the back. Both sweaters have the same cable design however Pierre's is slightly larger and an extra rib on each side was added.

Don't they look sweet?!? We have had so many compliments on our daily walks. It has been fun to chat with other dog owners!

What projects are you working on during these winter months? My next project is actually a summer accessory and will involve some sewing (my sewing skills are quite rusty!).