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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Silent Night Tree Skirt

So, let me take a moment and say that this was the first of two tree skirts that I knitted this year. If you ever see a tree skirt pattern that says “knits up quickly” or “fast and easy project”, THEY ARE LYING!! These were a serious undertaking! They weren’t so much difficult to complete, just extremely time consuming.

Silet Night Tree Skirt - Click here for FREE pattern

This was a gift for my parents. I think the wine color of the yarn paired with the gold buttons is a nice classy twist to the traditional vibrant colors usually found around the tree.

I actually enjoyed working on this pattern. It was a bit different in that the entire thing is knit on the round and also from the bottom up. Those first few rows are a bit rough but you quickly start decreasing and the pattern becomes more complicated and fun. Completing this project really gave me a chance to improve my cable knitting skills and understand how cables work. I did not use the recommended yarn and unfortunately I did not save the tag. However, it was a similar weight and very nice quality.

Close up of the cables

I decided to use alternating gold buttons

The finished product turned out well however I wish I would have diverged from the pattern and made the highest button a bit higher. Also, the opening looked just a little too wide but it seems to work around a tree.

Here is the finished product around my parents tree in their spectacular house in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Pattern Notes: You will be using a chart for most of this project. Rather than crossing off the row just completed, I recommend highlighting it in case you make a mistake and need to back track. This will make reading the previous row much easier yet still keeps your place nicely. The fact that this skirt is knitted in the round is so helpful! There are no panels to sew together at the end which is a wonderful feeling!

What projects are you working on right now? I've already got my upcoming three day weekend planned and hope to get some cleaning done as well as reading, rest an relaxation.


  1. The tree skirt is so elegant and the wine color is perfect in our home! We deeply appreciate your efforts and will always treasure this gift!

  2. Nice job on the tree skirt!
    This weekend is going to be a dress shopping weekend. Yeah!

  3. The tree skirt is great! We still have it out...folded neatly and laying on one of the kitchen stools.