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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last weekend, the fiance and I scooped up the poodles and took a mini road trip up to Sunbury, Oh to meet his family (it's exactly halfway between Cleveland and Cincinnati!). It's always a blast spending time with them and this trip was certainly no exception. Among the fantastic food and catching up, we also got to spend some time looking at the antiques in the area (so much fun).

Here is a peak of what I brought home:

There are 2 sets of clip-on earrings (0.50 cents each) and a clock brooch

The clock booch was especially beautiful to me. It was in such wonderful condition and seems very sturdy. The face looks like mother of pearl but it was only a few dollars.

This beautiful maroon purse called my name from behind the glass counter. It is from the 1940s and in near-perfect condition. I love the scalloped edging on the bottom and the gold clasp.

I adore vintage purses but more often than not they aren't practical for everyday use. Many of them are very small or don't have any pockets for organization. This purse had bunches of little places to store my things and has quickly become my everyday hand bag.

And my fantastic mother-in-law-to-be was nice enough to buy these beautiful ornaments that I had my eye on!

Aren't they pretty? When my sister moved up to Chicago she left her white Christmas tree behind for me and I couldn't be more excited to decorate it this year. These jewel-toned glass ornaments are going to look smashing!

Well half of the fun of shopping has to daydreaming about future purchases right? Here are some of the fun finds that will have to wait for another time:

This pair of pink lamps is so fun! They wouldn't go with the "decor" of my apartment (I use the term loosely) but maybe someday they will.

Jadeite dishware!! Love it! I'm not really sure why it is so appealing but I will one day have a whole set of these treasures.

Here you can see the sapphire blue fireking dishes as well. Perhaps it's just the way the fireking dishes feel and they way it sounds when you put the cup on the saucer but they are just fantastic.

Here are a few more vintage Christmas finds. It was a challenge not to just buy them all!

Quack Quack! These little darling duckling salt and pepper shakers are so sweet.

This is an old Disneyland "value book". Prior to 1982, Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom had a low admission price and then a pay-per-ride system. The rides were priced on a system from A to C with "A" tickets being the least popular and smallest up to "C" being the big attractions. In 1956 they introduced the "D" ticket attraction designation. And finally in 1959 they added the final "E" ticket attraction. Though the use of this graded system is gone today and you are able to ride whatever you want with the price of admission, the term "E ticket attraction" is still used to describe a very popular and exciting ride. You can tell that the booklet in the photo is from some time between 1956 to 1959 as the tickets only go up to "D".

And last but not least is Fifi the Begging Poodle. I pulled her out of the box and she was... well... a little creepy but it was fun nonetheless!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, it is lovely weather here in Cincinnati. I am taking it easy this weekend with a bit of knitting and walking the poodles!


  1. Thanks for posting your earings, I didn't get a chance to see them before. Interesting facts on the Disney ticket too. Had a great time! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I hope you went back for that Disney ticket booklet! It looks like it's in great condition. And with all the tickets!