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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip to Chicago

A few weeks ago, Brent, Pierre and I took a road trip up to Chicago to see Kelly, Nic and Stacey. It was such a blast and fantastic to see my closest friends and family.

It was a late night upon our arrival on Friday but we stayed up most of the night catching up. Here is me, Kelly, and Nic in their darling apartment in Greektown.

I believe in this picture, we are looking through a Walt Disney World Souvenir Book. From our expressions I have concluded that I am delving into some random and useless factoid and Kelly is deeply contemplating the new information.

The next day we took the metro down town and made a stop in the Hershey Store...
Because there is nothing for comparison in this picture, you might not be able to tell that these are GIGANTIC Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Check out the lower right hand corner "2-8oz cups"!

More of the HUGE-sized candy... yum!

We then got to meet up with STACEY whom I miss so much and every time I see her I feel like I can't get out all of the exciting things that I want to say before it's time to leave again. Nic's mother and brother also met up with us and it is always a pleasure to see Nic's wonderful family! We all had some delicious tapas at this restaurant which I sadly do not remember the name of!
Though I don't remember the name, the food and sangria was fantastic. I think I was enjoying a stimulus overload with such a fun group of people.

Nic, Brent, and Stacey. Stacey looks really happy... must have been that darn tricky bathroom door!

After lunch, a few of us took a trip to the huge Disney store. Awesome.

And for dinner we decided on this cheesy deep dish pizza. Chicago has ruined me when it comes to pizza... deep dish is ridiculously good.

Somehow I managed to get myself to a ballet class at the Joffrey Ballet Studio downtown on Sunday morning. It was a great class and the studios were all windows looking out onto the city.

To top it off, on the ride home we hit the 140,000 mile mark!

In other news, I survived a camping trip this past weekend (pictures hopefully to come later). C.B. had his first vet visit today and seems to be doing just fine. And my parents are coming in less that THREE DAYS!! So excited to see them:)

Hope everyone is having a delightful week!

1 comment:

  1. Those are definitely factoid hands that you have going on in that pic.

    Also, I love how that is the ONLY picture you got of me... and yes, I think that was utter confusion about how that lady MIRACULOUSLY opened the bathroom door that was clearly LOCKED five seconds earlier!!! Witchcraft.

    Oh, and the tapas place is called Cafe Iberico!