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Friday, October 21, 2011

Say Hello to C.B.

C.B. (Chocolate Bear) is the newest addition to the family and he couldn't be more darling! I saw a picture of C.B. on and there was something special in his big brown eyes, it reminded me of how I felt when I first saw Pierre - I just knew.

On Saturday, I packed up some supplies and Pierre and I took a road trip out to Clinton County Human Society to meet the little guy. The kind volunteers there took be back to a private room where C.B. was playing. He was dirty. He smelled like a garbage can. He was missing most of his front teeth. It was love at first site! After getting acquainted, I took Pierre inside to make sure the boys got along and the rest is history.

C.B. was especially fond of a little skunk squeaky toy and kept falling asleep on it!

C.B. is a 6 year old Toy Poodle weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds. He was rescued from a puppy mill where they used him as a breeder for most of his life. I don't know exactly what conditions were like for C.B. (he didn't even have a name when the shelter rescued him) and I frankly would rather not know.

Despite his horrific past, he is the sweetest and most well behaved little guy. He hasn't had a single accident, can you believe it?! I don't know if he can bark or make noise, I haven't heard a peep yet. He has never been on a leash before but has already made so much progress.

And of course, Pierre was a bit jealous in the beginning but he has been such a wonderful buddy to C.B. by engaging him and encouraging him to play. The two of them are ADORABLE when they play fight.... it looks like teddy bears hugging each other. Surprisingly, it isn't much more work to have 2 dogs... though it will cost more when it comes to grooming every once in a while.

Click Here for a link to a youtube video of Pierre and CB playing

Anyway, I was nervous to adopt on older dog but I am so happy I decided to open my heart to C.B. If you are thinking about getting a pet of any kind, I cannot recommend enough. The site allows you to pull from all shelters/rescues in the area but you can refine the search to find a pet that will work for you and your family. Not only does it help the person doing the searching but it helps the animal in finding its forever home by ensuring that certain needs are met (example: if a pet can't live with small children/other dogs/ other cats, etc).


  1. Hello C.B. I think you have found a happy home!

  2. OH JEEZE! HI BEAR! (May I call you Bear?)

    That side shot... he is so cute and shaggy. Poodle buddies! I love it!

  3. Oh my golly!! That video is so darling. I can't wait to meet him in January.