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Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Brew - Honey Brown Ale

I've finally gotten to brew my own beer! My partner in crime, Rob has brewed a few batches of different beers including an Oktoberfest that I had the privilege of trying and was delicious. This batch is a Honey Brown Ale, a first for us both.

Warning: this is NOT a how-to.... this process was complicated and I am by no means an expert (Rob was definitely running the show). I just wanted to share some pictures and part of the process - enjoy!

Honey mixture

Grains, spices, flavorings, and whatnots.

The above spices plopped into a huge bucket of water.

The same water after simmering for a few minutes... mmm beer tea

After boiling for quite a while, you have to rapidly cool the mixture.

Rob doing a fine job of transferring the mixture into the clear glass container. By this point the yeast has been added.

Here it is fully transferred where it will sit for about 2 weeks before you can bottle.

The next day, look at all of the activity!

The yeasties are doing their little jobs. A few days later Rob transferred the bath to a similar glass container for a cleaner brew.

And the finished product...
About 2 weeks later we finished up the process and bottled! I wasn't able to get many pictures of this process because I was knee deep in beer while working away - it was blast! After bottling, it is recommended to wait an additional two weeks before drinking... stay tuned:)

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