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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Closet Organization

Last weekend as I was attempting to stuff a dress back onto the crammed iron rod that holds about 200 pounds of my clothing, I felt a strange tilt and shaking on the bar. As I stepped back to observe I saw the right corner of the rod break off from the wall and in slow motion, all of the hangers holding all of my clothing slid one by one to the floor creating a massive pile. Ugh.

I wish I had a picture of what my closet looked like before or the sad pile of clothing but unfortunately I do not. You can trust me when i say that it was an inefficient use of the space and an unpleasant way to pick out pieces of clothing.

After the initial shock of this catastrophe, I decided to take the opportunity to overhaul my closet and spent the rest of the day on the project.

If you've never seen the layout of my closet I just have to give you a brief explanation. Apparently it used to be a bathroom so there is still a WORKING toilet and medicine cabinet stuck in the corner. The plus is that it's a "walk-in" closet, the con is that, like the rest of out apartment, there are strange angles and corners everywhere and it is always difficult to efficiently use space.

First I took a trip to Target and bought a shoe rack and closet organizer for about $70 combined... not quite as bad as I thought! I even put them together all by myself.

After organizing, I finally have a place to keep my bags and purses that allows me to pick them out without knocking things over or rifling through a pile.

Instead of putting back the old iron bar, we removed the wooden board and put the organizer up against the window. This placement is a plus for a couple of reasons. First of all, it clears up the center of the closet so you can actually walk around. Second, it's covering the window so we now have a changing room!

The organizer is quite sturdy despite my skepticism. There are 2 hanging bars and 4 shelves which immediately gave me more than 2x the room as before. I don't even have enough items to fill up the shelves yet... looks like it's shopping time :)

My fiance's things are on top and mine on the bottom so that I can reach.

This was where the fiance's clothing used to be... his bar didn't fall partly because it was mounted to a sturdy spot, but most likely because he had an appropriate amount of clothing hanging on it! I moved all of my dressed to this spot and love how easy it is to get to everything.

I almost didn't buy the shoe rack but I'm so happy with it! It saves so much space and just makes the whole closet look so tidy. Looks like there's still room for a few more pairs...

Here's a nice view from the doorway - I am so happy I took the time to really make use of this space. My favorite thing is that I almost get the sensation of shopping when I pick out my daily outfits because everything is arranged so nicely. I suppose I didn't think about it before but now that my clothing is MUCH more spread out, you can tell how much better it is for fabrics not to be crammed together, always getting wrinkled and warped.

It's funny the things that really satisfy me... over the years I've realized that I just need to have a place for every thing and a thing for every place. Not only is the closet pleasant but it's so easy to keep clean!

Any house projects in your future??


  1. I did a clean out of my cupboard the other day and threw out a few things I don't wear. I just have a built in wardrobe so no where near as much space as you. I would love a walk in wardrobe! We are restyling our bedroom at the moment. It is going to take a while though with the wedding we are trying to save up some money to use to buy a bed and new drawers. We bought a new bedspread though which has changed the look already.

  2. Funny you should mention that! Todd and I have a date to clean the house on Saturday. (We're so romantic...) And top of the list is the bedroom closet. Half of his hanging clothes are still in a suitcase because I have too many things in there.
    P.S. I can totally see you standing in your closet watching the disaster happen.