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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bourbon Tasting

One of my new favorite activities is getting together with my friends and apartment-neighbors to do a liquor tasting party. We have already had three in the last 6 months or so and they always turn out to be a blast!

This time we were tasting bourbons, in the past we have done scotch and whiskey. The idea is that everyone who comes has to bring a bottle of the chosen alcohol and we make sure they are all different.
The result is that we have lots of different styles of one bourbon to taste test. Wade (in the picture) is in charge of pouring out little 1/4 shots for each of us in another room so that we don't know what we are tasting. We then sip each different bourbon, one by one, and take note of the ones we like or don't like and why. Generally we are always surprised with the results, a cheaper brand always seems to surpass a very expensive brand or two!

This was by far our biggest tasting and one that I was very excited about, the bourbons we had were:
- Four Roses
- Russel's Reserve
- Woodford Reserve
- Elijah Craig
- Bulleit
- Benchmark (by Buffalo Trace)
- W. L. Weller's
- Evan Williams Single Barrel

Along with the bourbon, we all brought food that had a "southern" feel in order to incorporate the southern origin of bourbon.
Wade brought some spicy cajun shrimp and crawfish

Brent made some delicious honey cornbread and Beth brought some smoked beans.

I made a bourbon chocolate pecan cake (made with real bourbon!). Sadly though, the batter was so light that it didn't really stick together when I turned the bunt pan upside down. I ended up with a broken cake but it tasted really velvety and scrumptious so I layered it with whipped cream and pecans in this dish for a sinful dessert!

Next on the tasting list? Not sure but I think it would be fun to do a port/sherry tasting.

What kinds of summer get togethers are on the horizon for you? It's memorial day so that means BBQ! Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.

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