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Monday, April 25, 2011

Brent's French Bread

First of all, there will be a separate post on my fun birthday weekend however, I have to brag a bit about one of my gifts:

Yes that's right, a Kitchenaid Professional stand up mixer. AMAZING. I have wanted one of these for so long... my old mixer's whisks (and yes it only had whisks) wouldn't stay in the mixer which meant they would fall into the dough/batter/whatever every time I lifted the top.

This lovely gift came a few weeks early as a HUGE surprise from Brent and his mother. What an incredibly nice gift!! Needless to say, the mixer is just fantastic and makes baking a breeze so there will be a lot of delicious goodies on the way.

Now back to the French bread: This was actually Brent's project (I think he just wanted to try out the mixer). We've always wanted to make our own bread so we finally gave it a try on Friday night.

He mixed everything together and let sit and rise.

Then he punched it a bit and rolled it out.

Then he smiled for the camera :)

He split the dough in two

And rolled out the loaf then cut in half. I got to do the other loaf... it was quite fun

Use a knife to create some slits

And Voila! French bread made from scratch. I have to say, it smelled so incredibly delicous... we didn't finish cooking until almost 1 in the morning and we both scarfed down about 1/2 a loaf when it came out!

We made four small loaves and gave 2 away but saved the rest for ourselves. We were so happy with how the bread turned out but I can certainly see how this would be one of those recipes you would want to keep perfecting.

This was such a fun project for a rainy day, what have you been doing lately to get past the rainy day blues (if you've been experiencing this downpour!)

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