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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Updates and Inspirations

It's been a while... I suppose everyone is quite busy also during the holidays! Well my christmas was warm and cheery, even Pierre got into the spirit:

And New Years was a blast as always:

My friend and neighbor Joe came out for the festivities.

My always charming husband-to-be.

To me, this is always the hardest part of the year (especially when you're NOT living in a tropical climate). The holidays are over and the snowy cold are no longer cozy and magical but suddenly seem to be grey and dreary. This year I am really trying to stay positive with lots of projects to keep me busy and things to keep me inspired:

  • Knitting my first sweater: The Perfect Pinafore
    As noted in my last post, I have started on my first sweater! I am already finished with the back and about halfway done with the front. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of the month.

  • Buying new couch: Now, let's be honest, I'll most likely end up purchasing something from IKEA that I will undoubtedly assemble wrong and the fiance will have to come up with some make shift solution to fashion everything together. However, a girl can dream right? So, here are some of my dream couches... perhaps there will be something similar in a price range I can afford.

  • Art Project powered by Google allows you to navigate through famous art museums and view the pieces up close. I have been wondering around the Palace of Versailles right from my study nook!

  • The Wedding of Course!
    I still have a bit over a year left until the wedding date but I am really starting to get excited about the planning. I believe I have my sister to thank about that... I was never one to get amped up about weddings or wedding planning (until I met my husband-to-be I wasn't even convinced that I wanted a wedding at all!) But my sister's positive attitude and excitement over all things mushy and romantic finally got my creative juices flowing. There is still a lot more to do but it feels good to get at least a few things accomplished.
What sorts of things do you do to get through this part of the year?

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