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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Woes of a Vintage Bride: Reception Location

As most of you know, I am currently in the process of planning my wedding. We (and by "we" I mean "me") are trying to find the right location for the ceremony and reception. A few weekends ago, my sister and I drove up to Cleveland to visit my fiance's mother and look at some possibilities.

Our first stop was Pine Ridge... I didn't bother taking any pictures because our experience was atrocious and I would NOT have my wedding there. First of all, the lady "giving us the tour" acted annoyed and basically told us to go look around. The reception area was lovely but the rest of the place was nothing to write home about. And the kicker... I asked about having a "small, well trained hypoallergenic dog that doesn't shed in the ceremony" and she scoffed at me as if I was insane. She then went on to tell me that "no place would allow such a thing!" Ridiculous.

After the defeat at PineRidge, we took a walk around Squire's castle, the fall colors were lovely!

Then is was off to lunch at the Willoughby Brewing company. My fiancee had talked about this restaurant before so I was excited to give it a try.

My sister, myself, and my soon to be sister-in-law

The food was fantastic, my sister and I split a yummy veggie pizza. They also (of course) had great beer. I chose a pumpkin/octoberfest brew - delicious.

After lunch we drove up to Manakiki, the location I had been excited for since I saw the website.

As soon as we got there (which was about 30 minutes early) an extremely nice woman was more than happy to show us around even though we weren't her responsibility.

This is the main room where the reception would be held, it was lovely. Also.. no chair covers (which are my pet peeve) because the beautiful white chairs should not be covered up!

Detailing on the fireplace was so adorable!

This is the main room, where you first walk in and also where cocktails would be. Very cute.

The cocktail room has a piano to the right, Kelly was playing us some tunes.

The main entrance

The reception area seen from the cocktail room

The Manakiki also has an outdoor option, it was quite different but unfortunately, it would be much too hot in late July so we would have to stick with the indoor reception.

The Grove is where the actual ceremony would take place. It was so beautiful. Most of the other venues showed us a little area off to the side where they could "set up some chairs" for a ceremony.... ughh. This was so quaint, and shaded!

And, to top it all off, when I asked (very timidly considering how horrbily I was scoffed at the previous location) "could my little dog be in the ceremony?" She told me "oh of course - we love dogs here, mine comes to work with me sometimes!" Wonderful.

Well, Manakiki was great but we had to see at least a few other options right? Next up we headed to Quail Hollow. The people were very nice as we didn't have an appointment. They directed us on where to go and gave us some information.

This was their "grand ballroom" . Chair covers. Ick. Carpets. Ick. Also, when we got out of the elevator to the floor of the "grand ballroom" there was an old hairy hotel guest coming out of the pool with nothing but a towel wrapped around his big belly. Ick.

After a hard day of location shopping, we hit the wineries. Did I mention how much fun my future mother-in-law is? She's pretty fantastic.

Southriver Winery. Such a fun idea... it's in an old church. Sadly, they don't do weddings, we asked.

What a wonderful weekend we had... let's hope that all of the wedding planning is as fun as this!

1 comment:

  1. My vote is for The Manakiki! For two reasons. Reason a-number a-one: The ship tiled fireplace. Obviously.
    Reason a-number a-two: The grove. What a perfect location for an outdoor reception, with all that privacy and shade.
    And the salon... and the chairs! Okay, I guess there are more than two reasons...

    Too bad the winery doesn't do weddings... that covered patio is de-gorgeous with the wood slatted ceiling and iron light fixtures.