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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well my fashion figure drawing class is sadly coming to an end, I've had so much fun learning new techniques and tips and getting to know some of the DAAP students. We had a big project due last week and, although it was quite a challenge, I really enjoyed the process and was happy with the results.

The Assignment: choose our favorite artist (fashion or not) and do a piece in their style. We could either redo an existing picture/drawing/painting or create our own in that artist's style.

I decided on Rene Gruau, an Italian-born artist living and working mainly from Paris in the 1940s'-1980's. See some of his works below

I loved his striking black, white, and red paintings of women. There is something so intriguing about these pieces.

Gruau did a lot of advertisements for haute couture fashion (Dior probably his most well known) as well as champagnes, perfumes, and the Moulin Rouge (as pictured here in this painting.

Well the greatest challenge of this assignment was that we had to use the medium of the artist. Gruau did mostly paint so that meant that I had to do the same! I was lucky enough to be able to borrow some paints and brushes from my sister's beau, Nic. He was so amazingly nice and gave me some advice along with the supplies that really helped me out.

Here is the final painting, although it didn't photograph very well. I wanted to capture the feeling of the first two paintings along with the cabaret dancer feeling. I'm pretty happy with it, although there are always things I would go back and change.

Close up of the face, I loved the red color that Nic mixed for me.

Close up of the legs, she was on pointe shoes which my teacher didn't quite understand but other than that it had a good reaction.
What sort of projects have you been working on?


  1. that is stunning! I have always wished that I could draw. All I can do are stick figures and its not really something you can learn to be good at is it.