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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dog Sweater Take 2

On my quest for the perfect dog sweater knitting pattern, I stumbled across this:
Snowflake Dog Sweater

It is knitted in two pieces and then sewn together, leaving a space for each armhole. I decided on green and white, mainly because I'm trying to use up my scraps of old yarn.

The snowflakes are created in a sort of intarsia (or would it be fair isle?) knitting. It is easier than you would think because you can carry the colors from side to side instead of using small bobbins (which always complicated things for me).

I altered the pattern a bit because Pierre is a tiny little guy but it was still a bit too big once knitted. I ended up taking it in a lot when sewing the pieces together which would bother me if it was a sweater that I was wearing but, well, Pierre is a dog so he can deal with it I think!

The finished piece, I love the snowflake pattern!

The underside view, I like the lone star. You can see where I had to repeatedly take it in.

Isn't he handsome?!? He's all ready for the holidays. I wanted to add on little sleeves (not in the original pattern but I like them) but I ran out of green yarn.
What sort of Holiday projects are you excited for??


  1. my love for this sweater/post is twofold...
    onefold = your color choice. duh.
    twofold = pierre's model pose.

  2. I really like the sweater and how nice it looks on Pierre. Great job!

  3. I hope you don't mind if I'll steal your model:P
    Making dog sweaters became my hobby after making the first one. I was so excited, and needless to say my little Bolek was too. It was like giving him the biggest bone in the Universe. He was so proud wearing his brand new sweater, and I was proud of making such a nice thing with my own hands:D

  4. Yes dog sweaters are so much fun but I was so intimidated! They are actually a relatively easy and quick project that you can do with left over yarns. My little poodle was also quite proud of his hand made sweater!