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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party

Last weekend our friends invited us over for drinks, snacks, and pumpkin carving!! What a blast:)
The weather was just right... a bit of chill in the air to get us in the halloween spirit but still warm enough to be outside for a few hours.

We brought Pierre and he got plenty of attention...

Here are all the pumpkins in the light... scroll down to see them individually (mine is at the very bottom)

How great is this pacman pumpkin!?!

mustache pumpkin

And someone even managed to carve Stephen Colbert - how fun!

This was our community pumpkin, everyone got to carve one thing and then pass it on.

Here is my cat! It was so much fun, makes me want to plan something to carve for next year.

The cat all lit up. Sadly, only 4 days later it was mostly caved in and yucky so we had to throw it away.

Next on my Halloween list for this year is a Hallo-wedding that my sister and I are going to on Saturday. We get to wear costumes to the ceremony and reception - can't wait!
What are you doing for Halloween this year??


  1. Remember when everyone thought the gravestone was cat poo!?

  2. Yes... and I was criticized because it didn't look real enough!