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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trouser Catastrophe

Can we talk about how darling these 40s style ladies swing trousers from Heyday vintage are:

I fell in love with these and had to give them a try despite what I knew about what does and does NOT work for my body. I was convinced that they would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

So I finally bit the bullet and ordered a pair in tweed.

Now, before I tell you the outcome, I have to express the trouble that these caused before I even had them in my possession:
  • they were somewhat expensive so I was already feeling guilty about spending the money
  • my bank put a hold on my debit card b/c they had to verify this transaction "because it's from London".... weird. So I had to go through top secret security and answer all sorts of questions about myself before it was taken off hold.
  • the parcel had to be signed in person and of course, I'm not home during the day so I was forced to drive to the post office during my lunch break to pick it up.
So I finally get them and well... they were terrible! Not quality mind you, they were beautiful pants and the fabric was fantastic - a thicker type tweed that would have been wonderful for fall and winter. They just looked awful on me. Not only would I have had to get the pants hemmed about 6 inches but the look just didn't quite work. So sad! At least I was able to return them but I still had to pay for shipping (understandable) so now all I have to show for my adventurous pants purchase is $20.00 less in my wallet!!

Well, that being said, I started thinking about clothing I already own that seems like it was made for my body type and I kept coming back to my favorite jeans: Bernie Dexter Siren Capris.

So why fight it? (I have them in black as well!) It's good to try new things but let's face it ladies, good fitting pants are hard to come by! Perhaps I'll take a look at what other style's the lovely Bernie has for sale :)

What are your favorite pair of jeans? Did it seem like they were made just for your measurements? You should try going back to that company and seeing what other styles, fabrics, or colors they have available.

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